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      Well basically, I got pregnant when I was 15. My boyfriend was 14. We had been together for a year already and had gotten pretty serious. When my family found out I was pregnant, they went insane. Because I refused to have an abortion, my parents told me everyday that they prayed I would have a miscarriage. They screamed at me constantly and verbally abused me to the point that I actually thought I might miscarry due to stress and crying so hard all the time. Finally, I decided to give in and get an abortion because I felt so weak, my family hated me. They wouldn’t let me speak to my boyfriend and it had been 2 months. My parents made the appointment, I went in to get evvaluated, the doctor determined that I was 10 weeks along and sceduled me for a D&E the following Saturday. Friday night I could not sleep. I got online and searched for information on abortion. What I found was horrifing and those images will stay with me for the rest of my life. The next morning they woke me up to take me to the clinic and I stated firmly that I was not going. I decided that regardless of what they said or did to me I was keeping my baby. They finally got over it.. and I am proud to say that I now have a beautiful little boy named Carter, he will be 1 year old the 24th of this month (May 24th 2007).. His father and I are still together, we are very happy and July 18th will be our 3 year anniversary. I just want to let everyone know that you can make it. I promise. No, it’s not easy. But there is nothing that will ever compare to seeing that beautiful child smile, hearing he or she giggle, the first steps, the first "Mama!".. It is so amazing and I still cry when I think about what I almost did. He is my whole world and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. . .


        Aww, that is very touching! I am so glad you kept your baby, you are so right, it is an amazing feeling to have a child. You made the right choice and I hope your parents came around, congrats!


          Aww.. your story almost made me cry!! You aint jokin when you say ther aint nothin like see your baby take he first steps or say mama for the first time!! My baby girl just made through her second night of sleepin in the bed without her diaper on and I am so proud of her!! Nothin compares to be a mother!! Nothin!!


            hi!..i’m so proud of you.you did the right thing.i can’t wait to hear my baby’s first word!..he’s noe 3 month old!.you take care girl!!


              wow…your story is really amazing…i wouldnt have went through with it either…im happy for you and its good to hear that youve got a good man to stand by your side and be there…i hope everything continues to work out…tell Carter…Happy late birthday…
              —Love Samantha

              New mommy Jaclyn

                what an awesome story. Good for you! Standing up to what you believe. 🙂


                  You made the right choice by keeping your baby and I know you realise it now. I know I wouldn’t trade my son for anything…
                  Just wanted to say his birthday is the same as mine lol haha!

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