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      Im new here so I thought I would share my story with all of you

      Two months after my 16th birthday I went with my best friend to take a home pregnancy test. I remember being so nervous and scared of the result since I was pretty much sure of what the result was going to be. Well yeah I was pregnant, the next thing was to tell my parents and the father and this scared me so much I didn’t know how they were going to react. I didn’t know what to do, if I should keep the baby or go for adoption(I’m totally against abortion!!) it just depended how everyone reacted.

      To my surprise they were all really, really supportive. Ok so the first time i told was the father my fiance Jason, who’s a year and a half older then me and I had been with for a year. He was also scared but said what ever I wanted he would go with. I took him when i told my parents they were really shocked and pretty annoyed at first. They wouldn’t stop shouting how could I do this to myself and how could he(Jason) have let this happen to their daughter. But eventually after I gave them some time alone they sat me down and said that they love me too much and would support me no matter what. They really wanted me to go for adoption because they didn’t see how I could do this at such a young age, not that i was incapable, just that I have so much ahead of me.

      In the end I decided to keep my baby. It was the best choice of my life, ok so I still wish that this exact same situation could have happened only in 10 years time but it didn’t so its something I have to deal with.

      My son Matthew Jacob is 20months right now. I’ve been living at home which means I was could finish school and it was also so that Jason and I could have some time to save up enough money. On my 19th birthday I will be moving out of my home to move into an apartment with Jason, who has also been living at home. When Mattew Jacob turned one Jason moved in to my house, since there is more room here then at his place.

      As far as my friends go its been tough since they were always going out to parties when I had to stay at home. When they heard I was pregnant most of them stuck by me but over time we drifted apart. I was pretty much in and out of school and spent lunches studding and doing homework to try and get it done and over with. I still talk to and meet two of them every now and again and my best friend Chelsea, the one I took the test with, still meets me when ever she has the time and we hang about. I’ve also made a close friend since then who has a daughter of her own.

      I don’t think I could have done all this with out all the support and love that I have received from my family.

      I’m just so happy that I could have had such a successful pregnancy even as a teen. My boy’s are everything to me I don’t know what I would do with out them.

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