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      im a mom of a three yr old girl…i really love her so much and i want to give her all the best things in this world…im a single mom ..although her dad visit her and i could say we are in good term, i just have difficult marrying him because as of now i never see any direction with him…he is jobless and he still live as if no responsibility…even his family love my daughter so much…thus everything for me is ok..until one day…i had a regular period…last month i had my period..a day after that i had a contact with my daughter’s dad…after a day or two…i had another bleeding…hoping that it was just blood from my last period which did not come out… i wait for my period for the month of July…unfortunately until now my period is not yet occurring….Im afraid i was pregnant…i hate being one…because i could not handle things out…as wat i read from one user i keep on thinking abortion…i dont want to bear a child which i could not raise…i love my daughter so much and i myself even she doesnt want to have another child/baby in the family…what can i do…if you will read my problem you will notice that i’m really lost because my idea is so blurred…but in anyway…please help me….thanks in advance 🙁


        This is relee hard 2 understand “/

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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