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      I gave birth to a baby gurl on Jan 13th and had my period Jan 25th on Feb 5th and Feb. 9th my Bf and i had sex. On The 17th or 18th of Feb I think I had my period I dont know because I was very light and really pink nothing much on the pad but only when I wiped It got darker near the end and lasted for maybe 4 days it was never heavy tho. I breastfeed my baby and hadnt stopped at no point. Now its march 20th and no period at all I took a home Pregnanacy test and it was neg. my breasts itch and last month I did notice that my nipples were very sore and they still hurt now when I try to breastfeed. What is going on? I also feel like im about to start my period it aint happening tho. I had felt crampy each time him and I had sex last month too.


        Hey sweetie from the sounds of things you have too much going on with your body to be sure of anything. If you cant handle not having sex you should at least be on birth control but if I could remain abstinent after 10 yrs of sexual activity then I know you can. I would go to your doctor and get bloodwork. After having a baby you really need to let your body get back to normal before you start having sex. Also while breastfeeding your periods can be really messed up. Please slow down and adjust to being a mommy and if your boyfriend (I assume father of your baby, I went through 2 pregnancies alone) really loves you then he will respect your body give you space to adjust and marry you if he wants to stick around. If he wont marry you then you shouldnt be having sex with him…..Love and Prayers Meg


          Well 1st, you need to go get a blood test. That will give a more accurate answer. But I know after I had my son, I bled very heavy for a few weeks, but since I was b/f I didn’t have a period for about 6 months. My breasts got very sore because Ben was having problems latching on and so he was making them very sore. I started putting ‘bag balm’ on them to help with the pain. As for the itchiness, that could be from your breasts being more fuller with milk. You might try putting a lotion on inbetween feedings that has vitamin E, or is meant to help with stretch marks.


            You shouldn’t have sex the first 6weeks after birth, you body needs to relax and you are at higher chance for infection those first 6weeks. With your breastfeeding problems, don’t use any cream unless it says breastfeeding safe on the bottle, that will help with the dryness and pain. (you can find it at any drug store!) The itchieness can be because your starting to get engorged. Expressing or nursing in different positions will help with that. Your nipples may also be sore if you put soap on them. Don’t use soap on your nipples, just use wrom water, it sounds weird but their is something in the milk thats cleans them for you…Also after feeding, gently apply expressed milk to your nipples and allow to air dry. Do not wash nipples before nursing. Also using a blow dryer on a low setting for about 15minutes may help. Try to wear a nursing bra that fits properly. Your periods will be all over the place for a long time so don’t stress out over it tell you can see your dictor…

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