im jus wondering, any answer will help…

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      ok im im just wondering if i could be possible if i might be prego. i was about 3-4 days late for my period. well i started, well thought i did. i only spoted a couple times a day for about 4-5 days. it wasnt even really enough to have to use anything. im going to get a test in the next couple days and just wondering what others think. so any answers will be appreciated.



        Well, with the weird ways that our bodies work…there is always the possibility if you had unprotected sex… that you could be pregnant. Even though you actually shouldnt be spotting, it has happend to many girls before and they have healthy babies now. I say just take the test so you will know for sure! Good luck girl!


          Well it sounds like you could possibly be pregnant….if a hpt comes back negative then go to the doctor for a blood test they are more accurate in early pregnanct than urine tests…..let us all know…Meg

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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