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      Hello everyone! Long time no see!

      As most of you know, I am infertile (that is what doctors have told me anyway) due to my weight and the fact that my hormones are all crazy and out of wack. I do not get my period unless on some type of birth control (I use the pills to help me get a period). I was told that if I can get my weight under control all my womenly parts might correct themselves and start working again. Huzzah, that is what I am trying for because I want to be healthy.

      Anyway, I finally started working again and dropped 20 pounds because of it and the pounds are still coming off and my stomach has definitely shrunk, I don’t nearly as much as I used to. But a few weeks ago, I started have major loose stools every time I ate. In one end and out the other it seems and major stomach cramps. I just attributed it to my IBS so I just ignored it. I also felt really nauseous right before I had to go to the bathroom. My stomach is feeling a little better, I don’t need to go nearly as much but I still am going more than I should.

      Also, I haven’t been taking my medications (including the birth control) very well because I keep forgetting for some reason. o.o I figured it was ok because of being infertile and not feeling all that bad. Now, like I said above, I DO NOT GET MY PERIOD unless I take BC. That has been the case since I was 14. I’m 21 now. I think I’ve missed taking it for 2 weeks now and of course me and the boyfriend still fool around (with no condom of course because they irritate my skin down there and I can’t enjoy sex that way). I figured that I wouldn’t get my period this month because I missed so many pills so imagine my surprise when I started getting menstrual symptoms ( the cramps, the grumpy wumpys, the works.) Then my breasts feel a little funny (not really sore just weird) which is unusual for me. I went to the bathroom at work and discovered some blood spots. I was like "Ok, just a little spotting no big deal" then later it turned into a period but very light and now today only spotting again. My whole lower abdomen feels funny and my breasts are tingly.

      So what the hell? I will be taking a test to make sure but damn my body is acting funny. The real pickle I’m in though is my boyfriend is getting on my case about taking my meds and I don’t want to in case I do have a bun in the oven. I DO NOT want to mention it to him though because he is about ready to take his Network + exam and can not be put under stress (it means more money for us).

      So two questions, loose stools during pregnancy? What is up with my body? pregnant or just something weird? And what about my meds? Take them or what?

      -=Kori Lyn=-
      "Yes I’m a geek, deal with it"


        I would take your meds until you know otherwise. If you’re not pregnant you should be taking them. In the meantime, go to the doctor and get a pregnancy test done (just to rule it out if you think you might be) and then if you are then tell your boyfriend, no need to worry him more if he’s very stressed as is if you turn out to not be pregnant. And as for the loose stools, I’m not too sure about that one, sorry! Anyways I hope that this helps a bit.


          well i think you must see the doc dont take the pills till you do cause they may hurt the baby if you are preg and the systoms sound like you may be it sept for weight loss go take a test at the doc cause sometimes home ones dont work as well but good luck


            Well I took a test at home and it was negative. I was a little disappointed to tell you the truth. :{ I still have a feeling I may be though so I’m going to take another one in a few days. The boyfriend knows now and he just told me that I’m not and to take my meds haha. 😛

            My appetite has increased substantially and I gained some weight back. I was eating less but I get really hungry at weird times of the day. Maybe it’s just stress from work or something. My last period (from my last post) only lasted three whole days. Spotting, bleeding, spotting. I get up to pee at least 3 times a night lol. So annoying. I’m either pregnant or my body has decided to be evil to me which has happened before (which is why I’m on these meds!) Synthriod for my slow thyroid, Metformin for insulin resistance (not quite diabetes). And of course BC for my low hormone levels.

            And isn’t it strange that I lost all that weight but my pants size hasn’t gone down?

            Time to hit the bathroom again, I’ll take another test in a few days and keep you posted. If still negative, it’s time to visit the doctor again.

            Peace, love, and a box of animal crackers.


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