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      I need some of you guys advice. This is the first time I’ve ever been in this website and I like it very much. I am feeling very sad,lonely, and depressed. I am 4 months pregnant and I live with my boyfriend. I’ve been living with him for the past two months but it just seems to me that im missing my family more and more. I cry so much and im afraid that it will do the baby some harm because ive been so depressed lately. I know that it is probably the pregnancy that leads to all of the moods that im having at the moment. What do you think i should do to feel better about this whole situation. My boyfriend is not that supportive either. I mean i know he loves me but i get mad at him for every little thing and i think that it drives him crazy too. I tend to yell at him more and get a lot more jealous. I always apologize to him but i think that he is starting to get tired of that as well. What advice do yall have for me?? Im feeling lonely! 🙁



        You’re about at the same stage in pregnancy that I am :). If you miss your family you could call them and tell that you love them and miss them. You could also move back home. That might help ease tensions with your boyfriend also. I am glad that your boyfreind is bieng supportive of the pregnancy. Mood swings are common in pregnancy. I have probably been more emotional too and it seems like my husband is more moody as well (not sure how that works). Have you talked with your boyfriend about how you have been missing your family and feeling lonely? Hang in there!


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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