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      I am 16 years old and my boyfreind and I started having unprotected sex and the last we had sex was the day after my period went off and since then I’ve been feeling different. When I say different I mean that I’ve been having headaches, my stomach bloating and I have this bad pain that would come every few minutes, I eat way more than I used to, I sleep alot, my breast seem like they’re always sore, and I go to the bathroom more than I used to. And I’ve been going to websites and see if the things that was wrong with me was symptoms of pregnancy and it was. So I didn’t take a pregnancy test because I wanted to see if my period would come on, and it did, but it was about three or four days late and it was lighter than it would usually be. So I’m hoping that someone would help me out with this. Am I really pregnant or not.


        I would guess that if you had your period then you are not pregnant. I suppose there is a small chance that you might be pregnant and the bleeding could have been implantation bleeding… If you suspect you might be pregnant the best way to find out for sure is to take a pregnancy test.



          You poor thing Kit. Best way is to go out and grab a pregnancy test from the supermarket or chemist. They are pretty accurate. I did one on Saturday night, it was positive. By Monday I found out that I was 11 weeks and 5 days pregnant!!!! Had no idea!!! Kat


            i have to agree with kate & kat, get a test done. they’re fast and accurate, especially since you have been having unprotected sex and you’re feeling different.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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