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      Hi everyone . I am back on Stand Up girl after 5 years ! i cant even remember if I am going about posting in the correct way . For those of you who remember me , i was 15 when i got married and had my 1st baby , i was 17 when i had my second, i had an ectopic preg at 18 and i am now 24 and i have a 17 month old ! so much has changed an happened over the years but one thing remains the same, i am still passionate about helping teenage mothers, i have gone on to become a teacher , i taught maths for 4 years and now i have persued my passion and i am currently studying to become a doula and i am in the process of completing my leadership course with La Leche League ! And I still help alot with teen mums and the experiences always bring me back to remembering SUG and the support i recieved from you guys then and i figured, its time to come back and reconnect !

      Love Nadia



        So glad you came back to tell us your story! It sounds like you have become a very good Mom and I am so glad that you are helping other teen moms! Thank you for sharing your story and letting us know how you are doing!

        Luv- Molly

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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