im about to have a melt down, need help!!!

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      ok i just got of birth control on sunday, nov. 22. my boy friend and i had unprotected sex the next day. he came inside me.. i think i started my period today.. but its not like it usually is. it was really light color at first then, got darker, like brown, like when getting off my period. like the last day. cramps come in go. they feel more like aches not like some one is ripping my insides out. like i usually do.
      during this past month of being on birth control ive experiance head aches, nausea, im extremely tired, i gained a little weight and my pants dont fit right, like getting too small. last month i wasnt on any kind of birth control my bf came inside me several different times, i didnt know my ovulating dates, but i had my period..
      i really dont know what to do. ive googled things and not really answers came up. could some one help me with this please!


        So what I would do in your situation is this…first thing is to make a solid choice to not have sex at least until you know for sure if you are pregnant or not, what you are describing could possibly be implantation bleeding if in fact you are pregnant…if you stop having sex then you know that you will not become pregnant while you wait to find out….wait until you are late for your next period (if you are late or if your period is strange next time) then take a test with your first mornings urine, that is when they are most accurate…also birth control is not 100% effective 100% of the time, it can also cause you to have strange symptoms that are very similar to pregnancy, so that is what it could be from also…your best bet if you are not ready for kids is to not have sex with anyone, especially if they are not ready for kids either or are not a person you would marry…I hope this helps a bit!! Please let us all know what you find out…Love Meg


          thank u very much for your thoughts… i will keep every one posted..


            well i just got off of a really really weird “period” i dont know if was an actual one or not.. it lasted 3 days.. and i go for a full 6…

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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