im a week late coming on…HELP!

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      I was due on on friday the 1st may, but it is now the 7th and i am still not on. i have taken a pregnancy test and it is showing i am not pregnant. i have another test but i dont know whether to take it now. what do i do now? why else could i be late?:unsure: xxx kirsty


        Dear kjw

        Having a late period dose not necessarily mean you are pregnant. There are plenty of other reasons for a missed period. For example poor eating habits, hormonal changes, and sometimes people just have irregular cycles.

        On the other hand a negative test dose not necessarily mean you arn’t pregnant. It could just be that it’s to early to tell. Also some women produce lower levels of the pregnancy hormone.

        I suggest that you go to your local clinic and ask them to do a blood test. Blood tests can detect pregnancy sooner and are more accurate.

        Best of luck to you!



          Dear Kirtsy,

          Try not to get stressed as this can delay your period.

          I agree with VictoriaGirl, go to the doctors and get a blood test- this way you will know for sure!

          Let us know what happens yeah?

          Take Care

          Bernardette x

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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