Im 7 Days Delayed…I need help!

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      hey guys! i need your help help..i mean seriously i really need help..
      My period is on regular basis every end of the month. my last period was last nov 29 to dec 4. ON THE 2ND WEEK OF DEC OR 3RD WEEK I HAD A SPOTTING that lasted for only 1 day. and now i am already 7 days delayed. i’ve checked (pT) last jan 04 it turned out negative and another this morning still negative although im feeling something weird about my tummy i cant barely explain. i also feel dizzy and lazy..i eat a lot too…i need help please!! thanks much!


        I would try another PT and perhaps go to the Doctor’s to know for sure. If you are pregnant it is good to know, and if you aren’t than maybe something else strange is happening with your body. If you want free and confidential help, look for a pregnancy center near you through There will be good people to help answer questions, and if you are pregnant to guide your next steps. Best wishes!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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