im 17 i think i may be pregnant i need help

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      okay so i im 17 and i know its funnt but im still a virgin but i had dry sex and it was kind of serious i wasnt waring jeans i was waring windbreakers pants which are really think and i think something may have gotten though i know the chances are small but i missed my period and im starting to get weird stomach pains can someone help me please?!!?!?!?


        hi i dont think you are pregnant like you said there is a little risk of this happening and as for you missing a period i think it is you worrying about it all causing you to miss a period because you can miss a priod if you change your diet and threw you thinkig to much i wouldnt worry about it id get checked out and put your mind at rest. im 17 and 20 weeks pregnant if you want further advice just drop me a message x


          thank you sooo much but im still worried is there any way i would now 4 sure that you have experianced?


            I would take a test to settle your mind, feelings and anticipation whether you are pregnant or not. You’re stomach’s probably hurting from all the thinking and such you’re doing. You must be SO nervous, but it doesn’t sound like you could be pregnant. Though, I got pregnant easily. It wasn’t planned, nothing I wanted; but I love my daughter.



          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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