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      Ok, where do I start, im 18 in a month and i am 2 and a half months pregnant. Its with my bf who ive been with for a year and a half, we live together. I havnt told anyone except him, one friend, and now, all of you reading. I dont live near my family, i moved away to live with my bf a year ago. Im really close with all my family but i cant find the courage to tell my mum or dad or sister. Im so scared. Ive always wanted a baby, oneday, i didnt expect it now. My bf doesnt want it, we both do, but we know we couldnt support it in a way we’d like to.

      I took the test about 6 wks ago and couldnt believe it, my boy was cooking tea and i went in and told him. Hes good about it, not pushy, we even say names, but we know we cant have this baby no matter how much we want it conciously. I am going for my ultrasound this Friday and am sooo excited but scared. I’ll hear the heartbeat and everything and dont want to get too happy and attached. I cant imagine wat the termination would be like. I have to travel 6 hrs to get it done, 6 hrs travelling for a 10 minute procedure to take away something that i find absolutely amazing!! I dont know what to do, but know what i have to do…or do i?????

      I wish i had more people around, friends, family, its hard doing it alone. I only know a handful of ppl even tho ive been here a year….its hitting me hard after seeing how formed my baby is already, i just dont know what to do. im scared of dissapointing my parents. i love my family to death, and my boyfriend is great. at first he didnt seem to relise ..but now he does. after my morning sickness and everything hes been really good. i just need advice…what do i do? im scared…how could i let it happen? please… give me advice…:(


        Your child has a heartbeat and he or she is developing. You have another human being inside of you. Did you know that at the moment of conception (when the sperm meets the egg) your baby’s hair color, eye color, height, approximate weight and some personality traits are all determined? Yes, from the very moment of conception, your baby is a human being. No one has the right to take away the life of another person.

        Have you thought about the day you give birth in the hospital? Your baby looks like you and is a part of you.

        Don’t have an abortion. You will regret it. Remember, abortion is permanent and if you change your mind afterward, you can never have that precious child back again.

        I think in your heart you do not want to do this and you are right to not want to. Don’t let other people’s (your parents) opinion determine how you live out your life. Do you think you are considering abortion because it is something you want or are you considering it to make others happy? What do you think your baby would want you to do?

        Don’t let anyone talk you done and tell you that you are not ready to be a mother. You can do it. I believe in you. You can be a Stand Up Girl.


          Hey sweety, honestly you can only do whats best for you. I had a abortion for the same reasons your thinking about. I thought an abortion would solve my "problem" it only made it worse. I can’t even hold a baby without thinking about my precious little one. Honestly i’d say keep it you’d be surprised how many friends and family will step up and help. But if you decide not to it’ll hurt but "people" tell me i’ll get over it but I haven’t yet. It all depends on your situation, my bf and I are barely making ends meat so honestly we thought there was no way we could afford but we regret it everyday. We here for eachother you’ll need some strong support following the "procedure". Well thats my say on your situation I could go on and on but I know you’ll make the right decision for you. Please keep in touch i’d love to hear how your story turns out and if you need someone to talk to dont hesitate.

          young wife 23

            hi im 23 married and im 18wks pregnant please dont get an abortion you will regret it. when i seen my baby on the screen at 12weeks it was moving about and kicking and your thinking about killing it do you know the procedure of a termination if your family love you they will love this baby and you may think your alone but your not there is plenty of single mothers who cope if you destroy this life thats inside you it will haunt you forever.


              It doesn’t sound like either of you want to have the abortion. You could consider adoption! You may be surprised by your families reaction! I was terrified to tell them but when I did they said they were disappointed because they wanted me to have a better life but they have been behind me 100% and never even mentioned abortion. They are helping me finish school and even offer pregnancy advise! So befor you kill your baby to not hurt them you should try talking to them first it might hurt them more when they find out you killed they’re grandchild, neice/nefew, cousin, etc. Good Luck!


                Hi! I am also in your position, I dont know what to do. Everybody on the site has been so helpful, They helped me realize that I dont want to end my baby’s life. I am now 22 with 3 kids. I was a teen mom at 15. I know it is hard no matter what age you are, but it is also the most wonderful, precious and magical thing; being able to watch a little human being grow into a wonderful adult. AND you are the one that made that person who she/he is. I hope you go with your decision and not everybody elses. Congratulations and take care!


                  Please please please take everyones advice. I was pregnant at age 15 and I ended my pregnancy. I was not mature enough to have a baby. It would not have been fair to me , the baby, or my boyfriend. My life has turned upside down since then. I think about it everyday. I think about how things could have been different. I know it was the right decision at the time, but looking back on it, I cant bear to think about it. I cry about it all the time. It makes me upset that I actually did something like that, but I did. You need to consider all your options. I am your age right now, and in almost the same situation. The difference is, abortion isnt an option for me. It isnt worth the pain of going through that. If you want to talk further email me, as were in very similar circumstances.



                    :kiss: Hey…. I know your probably going through a hard time now but im only 14 and im 5 months pregnant. At first i didnt think i was gonna be able to go threw with it but then i thought of life that was inside me and it was over for me. Im sure it’s going to be hard and all but i’ll get threw it and im sure you will to.


                      it sounds like you don’t want this procedure so why get it done. There is a little baby inside you not a baked bean. You guys sound like you could be a great family together. If you know that any way possible that u couldn’t look after baby then why not give him/her up for adoption to a family that would love a child?
                      Maybe go and speak to a councillor about your descion


                        What ever you do, do what is right for your baby. You may think that there is no help around you but there is. There are alot of people waiting to adopt if you decide that is what is best. Don’t make the mistake and rush into something that you are not sure of. I lost my first baby, she was born at 26 weeks. I was 17, and that was the hardest time of my life. I have 2 children now, and I have adopted a newborn from a mother who was in your situation. She is 2 years old now. She is such a blessing for me. I had problems conceiving and would love to have more unfortuneatly my body doesnt take to well to being pregnant. Think real hard about your decision, because when you are ready and want a child, you may not be able to.. Your body goes through all kinds of changes during your life and the next time it may not happen. The lord works in mysterious ways.

                        Just something to think about..

                        What ever you do good luck! God Bless you and your baby .


                        princess Angela

                          I Had an abortion about 2 months ago….. i regret it theres not a day that goes by when i dont think about my daughter….. i try to think shes in a better place but how can she be when shes not with her mother……dont listen to wat other ppl say make the choice for yourself because i made the mistake of listenin to what my bf said and got the abortion i would never ever do it again it’s the worst thing i have ever been threw and my body is still recovering from it:(. make ur choice wisely because once he or she is gone u cant get her back.
                          keep us updated as to what u decide love angela


                            i’m 17 and 21wks preg..i’m not 18 till april…i never even considered an abortion because i knew that even if i couldn’t take care of the baby the way i wanted that i have family that no matter what love me and will help me through this….my now fiance and i are and alwayd have planned on getting married….but hun don’t do it….u’;; regret it soooo much…and there are options…it’s called adoption, i was adopted and i got the most loving family i could ever had hoped for….and doing an open adoption you and ur bf can keep in contact with the baby as he or she grows up and have that connection with it being urs…..if you need to talk you can message me or email me at

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