im 16 and i think im pregnant

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      im 16 and last week i had unprotected sex and since then i have had a weird feeling in my stomach which will not go away, it doesnt hurt but it isnt a normal feeling could i be pregnant?????


        hey girl,
        i ahd that same feeling when i thought that i was pregnant. but i turns out that i wasnt i just had those feelings because i was stressing out about it. the minute i stopped stressing i got my period.

        if you need to talk email me

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          You COULD be pregnant because you had unprotected sex but you would have any feelings in your stomach, you might get sick or feel like you have the flu but its not painful or anything like that. If you dont want to have a baby at 16 and trust me you dont then STOP having unprotected sex! You’re too young anyway there are much better things to be doing rather than having sex with someone who doesnt know what he wants and could just be using you – take it from someone who’s been through it!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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