im 16 and happily pregnant!!

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      hey girls! im 16 and im 28 weeks pregnant. for all of you out there that are scared to tell your parents..i was in your position too..i didnt tell my mom until i was almost 5 months. i was soo scared but then after i told her it was such a big weight lifted off my shoulders. i had my sonogram done about a month ago and im havin a little girl!! im due in january. i can feel her move and my boyfriend can feel her on the outside of my stomach. its a really amazing thing!! im just really glad that my boyfriend has stuck with me threw this all and has a job to be supportive. my mom was kind of mad at me for a few weeks but then when she went to the ultrasound appt…it changed everything cuz we got the 4d ultrasound…and you could actually see her my mom was soo happy and she has now started workin on the babies room!! i just thought that id let u all kno my life situation…please reply back if u need any advice or nething!!B)


        Hello there! I’m glad things have worked out…


          heyy…thanks!! im also very happy that things worked out! im very fortunate that my boyfriend/fiance stayed with me threw this all and im glad that my mom is supposrtive of me too!


            congrats im really please for you. gudluck with mummy hood. all the best zoe


              i am also 16 and happily pregnant


                well im 13 and i have had 3 miscarraige.s the only person who knows is my best friend. i am afraid 2 have sex agagin because imafraid i may get pregnant again e mail me i really need your help


                  Fer real. I turned 17 today and im 28 weeks prego on monday. Your due 11 days before me lol :-p were awesome hahaha seems like things are finally workin out for both of us


                    I’m glad that everything is going wel with you. Seeing a baby moving about on the ultrasound is just bliss, her heart would of melted. I’m glad you have a great bf that has stuck by you!


                      hey..sorry that i took so long to rite back ive been a little busy!! but yeah i will be 7 months along on November 7th! i cant wait! it seems like january couldnt take any longer to get here at this point..i just want my little girl! so for those of u pregnant..wanting to be pregnant..or already have a baby..what names have u choosen? me and my boyfriend are naming our daughter Haylee Noel..ok well let me know!!

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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