I’m 16 and almost 6 monthes pregnant.

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      I’m Jessica and I’m about 6 monthes pregnant……23 weeks I’m due June 21st. I finally told my grandma (person I live with) that I’m pregnant and she is really mad. I mean she wants to press charges against my boyfriend. I just want to know if there is someway maybe someone can help me and tell me how to change her mind. I really love this guy weve been dating for 2 years and he’s really excited and up to the time when i told my grandma i was really excited but she made me really depressed and I’m not feeling so excited anymore but anyway. If someone could give me adivse of how to talk to her without her yelling at me or pressing charges please please tell me… anything helps Thank you


        Don’t worry, I think she’ll slowly come around, they start out mad, but once they see that first ultrasound picture, or their sweet little face, most of it fades away. Be happy about your baby girl, you’re only a mother for the first time once, enjoy it. And know that it can, and just might work out to be a long and happy life together with you, your man, and your baby, don’t let anyone tell you any different.


          She’ll come around. I’m almost 17 and 4 and a half months pregnant.
          My mom was upset when I told her. My step-dad wouldn’t talk to me for a week and he didn’t let my bf come over for like 2. My boyfriend was excited, and Is excited. He was shocked at first, we all were, but now everyone’s fine with it. It just takes time getting used to the idea.
          To your gramma you’re her little girl, and you’re a child, who’s having a child. My mom said that to me. And she also says shes too young to be a gramma. But now we’re shopping and picking out baby names.
          Don’t worry, give her some time

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