im 15 and scared

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      Im 15 years old, and I may be pregnant. I told my boyfriend, and he said that no matter what he
      would be there for me. But the thing is, he is 20. So I dont no if its legal or not. He freaked out
      and he wants his best friend to say hes the father. Since his friend is 17. But I tried to tell my
      boyfriend that it was wrong to do that. But he doesnt want to risk going to jail. which i totally
      understand. He goes on about how it will only be for 3 years (till i turn 18) Im just very scared at
      the moment. Im still not sure if im pregnant. But, my boyfriend, constantly talks about it….and i
      tell him to drop it, but he saids we have to be prepared in case I am. I dont no what to do if i


        hey!! tell your boy friend that its your decision on what you do casue lets face it if you are pregnant you’ll be the one having the baby! so i say what ever you want goes!! also buy a home pregnancy test!! I did and then i went to my school nuse and took it in her office cause she knew what she was doing!! Also my boyfriend came with me but its whatever you want!! but you might want to make sire that you are pregnant or are not pregnant before you do anything else!


          :S i am in the same situation so dont worry bout it hunny. by the way do u live in the area of fall river , ma?


            Well it is illegal for b/c you are a minor and he is an adult but the only way that hey would get in trouble is if your parents pressed charges…that is the way it works if it was consentual sex. Also if you arent married than no father’s name goes on the birth certificate anyways unless you get an affidavit. Your right, it would be wrong for his best friend to say he is the father, b/c when it comes time for childsupport and all of that and a paturnity test is ordered everyone will know he isnt the dad anyways. You need to jsut get a test and see what happens. It isnt easy to go through any of this but it does need to be talked about so you two can prepare depending on the outcome of your test results. good luck!


              Stop having sex with him first of all. If you must have sex with him at the very least, use protection because it doesn’t sound like he is mature enough to handle a baby… and at 15 you could use a few more years as well.


                I know what you are going through, well…somewhat..I am almost 17 (next month) and i think i am pregnant as well…Your boyfriend is right…you do need to be prepared for it, if it turns out that you are..The consenting age is 16…i believe, but he would only go to jail if your parents pressed charges agianst him…but you have a boyfriend there for thankful for that…My boyfriend broke up with me…before i thought i was…but i havent told him that i think i am…
                my best regards :side:


                  Hello, I am a 32 yr. old mother of 2 children…I was 20and had an abortion because my boyfriend freaked out, lied to me, promised me marriage, if I aborted, and told me how poor I would be if I had the baby because he would not support me…I want you to know that was the worst decision I have ever made in my life…I wish that I could have found a place to go and talk with someone before I decided to have an abortion. Now I do know that such places exist, they are called Crisis Pregnancy Centers or Women’s Resource Centers…stay away from Planned Parenthood Centers (they lie to you and are usually the places that perform abortions). I have two beautiful children and thank God every day for them, I regret that I aborted my child who would now be 11 yrs. old…I deal with depression and other problems because of the choice that I made. The small things work out, like the age thing! I also being an adult know dear friends who cannot have children and pray daily for a baby to love…this gift of life only can come from mothers of babies that are too young or cannot provide for their children and look towards adoption! I wish that I would have known about adoption and adoption facilities when I was 20. You need to find out if you are pregnant and a Crisis Pregnancy Center can provide that information and more for free of charge….My advice is to find one near you…the gift of life, is an awesome responsibility!


                    First of all, I don’t know what state you are in, but I believe he can only get in trouble if your parents press charges against him. Is that something you think they might do? What makes you think you are pregnant, but not sure?

                    Second of all, you can’t let his best friend say it is his. When you have a baby out of wedlock and the father is there, he has to sign an affirmation of paternity. This is a binding document that says he is the father and he goes on the birth certificate. That could me, that when the dad does want everyone to know it is his, you may have to go through some court costs for him to really become the dad……. and he could still get in trouble if they wanted to go after him. Regardless, you were still 15 no matter how old you are then. Talk to a counselor or DSS, it could probably help. Good Luck.

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