i’m 14 i think im pregnant what do i do?!?!

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      i’m so scared. i have all of the symtoms of pregnancy but i just dismissed them as stress but my best friend pointed out that i’ve never been the type of person to get stressed. the problem is that my parents dont believe in pre-marital sex so if i am pregnant and they find out i dont even want to think about what they will do. if i am pregnant i will not have an abortion and i will keep the baby. the main problem is that my boyfriend is 18 and even though my parents love him im pretty sure they wouldn’t consent so it would be considered illegal for us and i would need him to be here for me and the baby. how do i tell my parents? im so scared i dont know what to do. please someone help me i need answers.


        I know its scary, but the absolute best thing for you to do is to tell your parents. I know they will be disappointed, but honestly things will be much easier with them helping you to find out if your pregnant or not. They can get a pregnancy test for you, and it will be much easier. I think telling them you may be pregnant and finding out together is much easier than finding out after the fact. At least they will be able to see that you felt like you could come to them.

        I will tell you that I did wait till my wedding day. No it wasnt easy, but we really are best friends and we know each other so well now because of it. I know you probably dont want to hear this, and it would be super hard because you already had sex, but any man that really loves you will see that you are a jewel worth waiting for!! Dont sell yourself short because waiting until your wedding night is amazing and sooooo much better. I had sex when I was 16 and thought I was pregnant. I was so scared, and ashamed that I could be so young and get pregnant. I resented myself for it. When I waited for my husband on out wedding day it was so much different. I can only tell you from being able to look back now and say that I wouldnt change that for the world, it was the best thing we ever did! Our marriage is so secure because of it. And I knew that my husband waiting for me and not pressuring me meant that he respected me and my body, and because of this, I know that he will continue to respect me and that if he had self control when he loved me that much to not have sex, that he wont have sex with anyone else but me still. You have no idea how amazing that feels!!


          Hi Kaathey777, I agree with what christyrose said. Tell your parents and take it from there. I got pregnant shortly after I turned 15, so I know how it is. Just sit down with both your parents(with your boyfriend!!)and tell them you think your pregnant. Or just tell your mom you think you might be&ask her you want a test, then after the result still sit down with both your parents and boyfriend and tell them.
          That was the way my boyfriend and I were going to tell my parents(he was 17 at the time, now 18). But that got changed a little bit… A few weeks after we foudn out, Thomas texted my dad&told him, then my dad called me. We didn’t tell my mom for more weeks after that. My dad called her and told her. SO wrong way to do things…
          Figure out whats going on, then break it to em. They might surprise you.


            I’m 16 and the exact same thing is happening to me, I know what it feels like to feel like you do. I have no one to talk to

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