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      My last period was on the 24th of July. My next period was supposed to come on the 26th. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex(withdrawal method) on Aug. 7th and the 11th, which was the day I should have ovulated. I didnt have a period at all in August, but on the 20th I noticed a VERY small blood spot in my panties. It is now September 8th and I’m offically 13 days late. I took a HPT on the 31st but it was negative. I am lightheaded, dizzy, faint, headaches, my stomach feels like it’s about to explode it’s so tight, and it’s very sore. I feel like threres a ball or something in my lower abdomen, and my belly button feels like someone stuck their finger in it sometimes. My breasts are terribly sore, and they seem to be harder. I also have HORRID trapped gas! Could somebody please give me there input on this?


        I would try taking another home pregnancy test. The levels of HCG hormone might have been too small to detect with the first test, if you are pregnant. If the result is positive I would set up your first pre-natal appointment with your doctor. If the results are negative I would set up an appointment with your doctor to determine why you’re cycle is off and you are having the symptoms. Even with withdrawal it is possible to become pregnant, but there might be other reasons why you’re cycle is off. Best wishes.


          hey there i think you should wait a couple more days and teste again i was 11 days late and i found out i was prego i am 19 yearsold i went out to the dollar store and got those cheap pregnancy test i took two of them and both came out postive either your stressed out or could be pregnant stressing out delays your period big time so try to calm down. 🙂


            I think you are most definetly pregnant. You have all the symptons of a pregnant lady but I think you should go to the doctor or take another home pregnancy test just to make sure. 🙂

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