I’m 13 and Ive gone threw 2 pregnancies

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      I know what your probably thinking, “how can a girl so young have two children already?!?!”
      well i don’t.
      My best friend and the love of my life got me pregnant a few months ago. I wasnt 100% sure, but i had that feeling. like deep instead my heart i KNEW there was a baby growing inside of me. Plus we had unprotected sex and he… did it, inside me. I had all the symptoms. And honestly i wasnt all that scared, sorta happy. I know its absolutely INSANE but i kinda wanted a baby.. i was really excited.
      then one day i woke up, and saw a little blood in my underwear. I figured it was just a false alarm.. and i was disappointed. then about a hour later i had a HORRIBLE pain in my stomach. like i was being stabbed over and over and over again. I was crying and screaming, begging my father for pain killers. He wanted to take me to the hospital but i wouldnt let him. I was scared hed find out and never let me see levi again. With every pain i could feel the blood draining out of me. and about 4 hours later the pain was over.
      i know it has to be a miscarriage, it just hurt so damn bad. i thought i was gonna die.

      and since then things have gotten a little better.
      But now im almost a week late on my period. and i think im pregnant again… i just dont know anymore.
      my life is hell 🙁


        I’m sure you can get through with that. 😉


          im 13 i have an almost 17 month old son ye i know i been preg 1 but my bf and i were talkin about kids im gunna be 15 and hes gunna be 18 and life is hell but u learn to cope u baby isnt everythin but they are great it makes everything 50 times harder but you will make do. i make it but i have my bf who is not my babys dad but acts like he is because his dad not around.


            Hun, your situation sounds upsetting 🙁 I honestly dont know what i would do in your situation, but i can give advise. If this was your first pregnancy again, how would you treat the situation? What was your idea last time you were pregnant? Maybe you should treat the situation the same? There are loads of options for keeping the baby or not. You really need to just sit down and think. I say that, but i know it will take you days, weeks to make your decision. I bet your terified of having a miscariage again … Dont worry, and dont think of the worst. Maybe you should go to your G.P? Make sure everything is ok.
            Hope everything goes ok. Lucy x


              wow i thought i was too young for a baby ….im 15yrs old in im 7 weeks pregnant i just wanted to let u know that birth is a beautiful thing …sex is too but if you dont want a baby wrap it up but if your are pregnant this time baby gurl keep your baby because its a blessing


                I was 14 when i got prego with my now 2 year old and before him i miscarried then once again after him and now ill be 18 the 9th and im married and pregnant with our 2nd baby boy….my 2 year old isn’t my hubby’s but he treats him like his son…kids r the biggest blessing in the world and they only make u stronger u will find a way to get threw it i did and do everyday… good luck

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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