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      me and my boy friend had sex and i took the morning after pill but i read some of the other postd and i have almost all of the same symtoms…. help.. please


        I am guessing that you got the morning after from a Planned Parenthood or a Family Planning Clinic…they do not tell you that there is only a small time period that you can take the pill and that it will work, if it isn’t within that frame of time, you could still be pregnant…I would suggest that you go to a Crisis Pregnancy Center or a Women’s Resource Center…and get a free pregnancy test do on you! They will instruct with the truth about being pregnant and pregnancy, they can also provide with information on other options available! Where the Planned Parenthood will only give you information on abortion and it is not the truth! I know this because I went to one and had an abortion! I hate myself for it and have had a lot of complications ever since I had one! In the mean time take care of yourself, there could be a little life inside you that is depending on you and how you take care of yourself to live. What you eat and drink etc…you should be able to go onto the web or this site to find a Crisis Pregnancy Center near you, call them they will help you!


          the most you can do is wait until your next period’s due date….if it doesn’t come when it usually does, wait another week and buy one of the home pregnancy kits, or contact a local pregnancy crisis center in your area. They usually do them for free. Careful though, if you buy them too soon they will come out with a false negative. So wait awhile before you try it. Hope this helps! —-SARAH 🙂

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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