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      Hey all im new to this site.

      Well i took four pregnancy text and they all came up positive, i still dont truely beleive i am, but i do NOT know what to do my feelings change so much i can go from really wanting it and thinking i will be able to cope to wanting a abortion and thinking its the best idea im at least 7 week gone so i do need to decide fairly soon :)!

      Now i know no one can decide for you ( unfortunatly πŸ˜‰ ) but advise would be muchos thanked!!

      Im 17 currently doing my A-levels

      Thanking you x


        hey im 16 and have a 3 month old daughter and honestly its the best thing in the world being a mom. it can be hard at times but over all it really is amazing. as long as you have people to support you then you will be perfectly fine! so i think you should keep your baby but thats just my opinion.

        give your baby life. your baby will thank you for it later. πŸ™‚

        peace and love


          Hi hun, i just found out i’m pregnant a few days ago too, so i’m going though the same thing. But i’m only 4 weeks pregnant. and i never ever think abortion is the answer, even if you can’t handle it– adoption is always open, for people who would love a baby, but are not able. either way, i think you should not have an abortion, bc it happened for a reason. Good luck with everything!B)


            No one can make the choice for you…..think long and hard about it. An abortion will most likely leave you very emotionally hurt. It is a very hard thing to go thru physically and emotionally. And having a baby is a life long commitment. I have done both an abortion at 16 and had a baby at 18. I would not change it for the world both have made me the person I am today. Anyone can raise a child and make a life for them. If you put your mind to it that child could have a life just like a child born to parents in their late 20’s. This is something you have to live with so think long and hard. Kids are great and there is nothing in this world like raising them. πŸ™‚ I wish you the best of luck no matter what you decide to do. Jessica


              plz dont abort, u will regret it 4eva… if u feel u cannot handle a baby giv him/her up 4 adoption, they deserve life! but im sure u will manage bein a mom its the most rewardin xperience


                Welcome to the site! πŸ™‚

                Go online and research the type of abortion that you are thinking about having.
                Abortion is painful. It will be physically painful when your body gets rid of the baby, it will be painful to the baby, and it will be emotionally excruciating later.

                Think about it, if you have the abortion now and no one finds out. You will wake up every morning knowing that your belly no longer holds the little life you conceived. You will wonder what color eyes your baby would have, you will never get to see it’s first smile or hear the first happy gurgling sounds it would make. You will never get to run your hand gently over it’s little head or kiss it’s cute little lips.
                You will feel all of the guilt of having killed your own flesh and blood. Even if everything goes off without a hitch and you are able to have children later you will look at them and wonder what your first baby would have looked like. You will think about it EVERY DAY!!!

                But if you decide to have the baby you can still finish school. If you give the baby up for adoption you can have a normal teenage life.
                Please think about it.



                  Well, I’m 16 with an almost 1 year old baby girl and I can tell you from experience that it is the best feeling in the whole world. You will regret aborting your baby for life and I can tell you how much I don’t want you to, but that won’t make a difference unless you really take in to consideration that this is a person inside you and him/her will look up to you one day for giving them life. Do what you feel is right.

                  Much love,
                  Callie and Camber.


                    Abortion is not the answer. Think about that little baby who needs you to choose the right choice for him/her that is growing inside of you as we speak. Motherhood is highly challenging, but very rewarding. Remember that.

                    I am 15 and pregnant… and I’m doing it! I’m keeping my little man and I will have an amazing future with him, his father, and a STABLE career. It’ll be hard work… but it’s so worth the rewards you get. I already get them. πŸ™‚

                    Let us know how things turn out!


                      The decision to keep this baby will be one that you will most likely never regret. There may be times in your life when you will look back and gone “oh I wish I had been older” or “I wish I had got to do this” but I can garentee you that you will never look back and go “I wish my son/daughter had never been born”.

                      Having an abortion is a decision that you WILL regret every day of you life, you will remember this baby as long as you live, trust me. Its a physically and emotionally painful procedure, and no good comes out of it. If you are prepared to go through the pain, than I urge you to carry this baby to term and then look at the adoption path if it is something that you still dont want.

                      A baby is a gift hun, and this one is yours. This baby growing in you is your son or daughter, they need you just like you needed your mum to live and grow, and they trust you with their life. Please dont betray the innocent trust of you child, its a decision that you will never forgive yourself for.

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