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      this is my 1st tym bein pregnant as u’ll b able 2 tell but i was jus wonder how do u no wen ur baby moves? i think i felt it move the other day but im not sure :blush: ….i no it sounds lyk a du mb ? but can sum1 plzzz help me out.


        From what I hear, it’s just gonna be your stomach popping up real quick….I don’t know from experience, but that’s what I hear


          im 5 months and just starting to show…but im a lil bit on the big side…i was 165 lbs b4 i got prego…

          and now im about 175


            I don’t think it sounds like a dumb question! I have the same question too. I am about 15 weeks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy too. I don’t think I’ve felt the baby move yet, but I am hoping I can soon. The books I’ve read said 16-24 weeks (that’s a wide range!).


              Hi just to let you know I have a year and a half year old daughter now. When I was pregnant and I felt my daugther kick the first few times it felt like a really light quick fluttering feeling, the farther along I got the more I could feel the kicks. I don’t know if this helps ya’ll but I hope it does.


                I dident feel my baby move untill i was about 20 weeks but when i did it felt like butterflys but a little more noticable. I hope i helped answer your question.


                  i’m 2 months pregnant with my 3rd baby – a lil girl ! .

                  i gave birth to my beautiful identical twin daughters Madison Louise and Emily Grace 6 months ago at my home . That night was one of the best nights of my life , i look at my babies each day and count myself very lucky .


                    It feels like little flutters! Kinda like when you have an eye twitch! Its gentle at first but just wait. Suddenly you can actually see an elbow or a foot through your skin! Its great. Just remember to enjoy it because once its over you’ll miss it! I swear.


                      Hi there girls, I just had my 5th son and I felt them all move at different times. Everyone is different and you cant go strickly by the book….thats why the book is so vauge as to when you’ll feel your baby move, but the general butterfly flutters is the typical first movements you’ll feel. If your sitting still and you feel like butterflys in your belly that is probably your little one in there practicing his/her kick boxing workout. Hope this can help out someone. lators 😉


                        usually it just feels like little flutters at first and then you can feel them doing EVERYTHING! hehe good luck!


                          babybennett wrote:

                          usually it just feels like little flutters at first and then you can feel them doing EVERYTHING! hehe good luck!

                          im a mother of two soon to be three ,i never dreamed this is where i would be….but within my flesh what blessings god bring! ( my name is mandi i live in califorina im 24 with one 6 yrold and a 18 month old and also five months expecting, i stummbled on this site just to see ultrasound photos but instead of finding just that i found U ,or rather you found me. well i have to go farewell but not forever, may god bless you and yours!keep up standing up!


                            Hi, I’m 32 weeks pregnant and this is my first baby and she moves alot!sometimes it kinda hurts but theres nothing else that feels like it! When my baby first kicked I didnt know what it was or is something was wrong but after it moved a few more time I was sure that was what it was!!!


                              i just had my first child and she is now 2 1/2 months but your wondering what it feels like or how you will know… to tell you the honest truth… you will know..you will get familiar with your body real quick and if your pregnancy was anything like mine (active) you’ll be able to tell the difference between the gas and the movements… movements tend to have more of a little bit of a jolt to it and gas well if it’s gas it won’t be in your system for long lol. further along in your pregnancy you will notice rythmic moves thats if you notice.. don’t worry about that most likely it’s just hiccups. and the further you go the more you feel and the more you’ll fall in love with it. but the best description i can say is… it’s a roller coaster ride in your tum tum. it’s an awsome feeling!!

                              good luck

                              reeves, marie

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                                I didn’t feel my daughter move until i was 18 weeks along but it kinda felt like bubbles. I knew right then what it was. Its wonderful but when you are like 7 mos it gets hard to sleep because the baby is so active.


                                  Don’t worry when I had my first son I didn’t feel any movement till I was 19 weeks I was scared but then again you probubly haven;t been pregnant befor so you don’t know what a flutter or kick feels like your baby should be fine and befor you know it your gonna be seeing hands anf feet move uner your skin. One thin I want to know is when your pregnant with your third baby will I feel the movement earlier and will it hurt cause the uterus is sensitive that what I’m worried about, and will I get fatter quicker cause the uterus is alrady stretched if you know msg me please.

                                  5 1/2 weeks pregnant Schavonne 3rd baby.


                                    aw. dont worry about sounding dumb!
                                    how many weeks are you?


                                      hey..my son is 5monthz turning 6 on tha 19th of november…but trust me you will know when ur baby moves or does a flip..theres no way of explaining it..its like a fish in a bag of water it feels somewhat like that 🙂 ..well enjoy your tummy and your pregnancy!!


                                        When i was pregnant i didnt get that big it wall all baby, its the coolest feeling when you 1st start feeling your baby kick!!It kinda felt like little bubbles in my stomach,but that was me,my boyfriend always told me hes gonna be a soccer player!Lol


                                          Hey y’all
                                          I have had two babies now and I can tell you that feeling your baby move for the first time is the best thing ever!
                                          It feels like that tickle fluttery feeling like when you go down a steep hill or a rollarcoaster. As the baby grow, you will feel bumps and twinges as they get bigger. Near the end of the pregnancy, when there is not much room to move, you can actually see some "bumps" move (elbows, heels, things like that)
                                          Hope this helps!!


                                            this is my first pregnancy also and im nearly 6 months pregnant i felt the baby move around 19 weeks the first movement is very quick for me it felt like someone hitting my really quick on the inside but before this it was more like butterflys and a popping feeling.

                                            Hope that helps u


                                              I am 18, and have a 2 year old son, and am expecting again. When I was pregnant with my son, I first felt him move at around 18 weeks. I’ve heard that it can range anywhere from 16 to 20 though.
                                              Hope this helps,


                                                The very first time i felt my son move i was a little over 4 mos pregnant and it felt like whats the word (butterflies) kind like really bad indegestion but it didt hurt it tickeled a little by 5 mos I was able to feel it alot more and by 7 mos i was able to tell which part of my son was where especially when he would dig his little toes in my ribcage :laugh:

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