idk what to do!

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      Okay my last period was feb 20th which means ii was ovulating march 5th thru the 10th me and my boyfriend had sex which indeed he nutted in me those days were march 5th and march 7th. And now for the past three days all i want to do is sleep sleep sleep! and for the past two days i have been having lower back pains i havent had any today though which is good it said if i was pregnant i would have concieve on march 8th which today makes day six i have a doctor app tomorrow march 15th when i pee in the cup will it be able to show if im pregnant or not?? i probably wont come on my period untill march 22 if i do come on. what should i do?? iiM in college and my boyfriend is too…he will be over joyed if i am pregnant?? but idk. please help


        OMG we are same.. 😉 i also had a lower back pain and a cramps., and i also want to sleep.. the whole day, feeling tired.. and idk what’s happening.. so my period due on 18 and i noticed this 6 days after my boyfriend and i had is on 6th and 7th of march.. guys can you help us., please..


          I would just say get a pregnancy test to find out if you are or not


            Pregnancy and PMS can seem very similar. Some of the tests available are very sensitive and you can tell sooner. Meanwhile, just take good care of yourself and keep going to class. What are you studying in school?


              iiM in school for vet med thats what i have a full ride for


                im in college taking up DENTISTRY.. 😉


                  You guys should probably take a pregnancy test. Oooh vet medicine…that should be awesome. And if you are pregnant, don’t give up on your dreams of becoming a vet 🙂 And dentistry sounds cool too. they make really good money.


                    :S You are kind of making it sound like you want to be pregnant? I’m sorry hon but college is not a good time to be having a child. College is already a very stressful time, especially if you are looking at something that involves a lot of schooling such as being a vet does. If you are not pregnant, I would strongly encourage you to use protection. If you are pregnant, it is going to be very difficult to complete school with a child there. I am not saying it is impossible… but it adds a lot of pressure and some very difficult decisions. Are you sure you are ready to choose between studying for a final or dealing with a colicky baby?


                      How did your doctors apt go ?

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