idk if i am or not. help!

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      okay. so i’m on the pill. on week 3 of the pill i forgot to take mine 2 days in a row. i had sex on that second day.[oct 12-13] i then started having brown on my underwear for the whole day. that was the Wednesday after.[oct 15] i then started my period the next day so it came early. i had my period for 11 days. but it was really light. lighter that usual. i threw up on monday. [oct 27] i have been very nauseated. i have really bad cramps. i have had really bad headaches. sometimes i want to keep eating and eating but other days im not hungry at all. i do have back pain. and i’m so tired and get good night sleeps somtimes but recently i wake up 3 or 4 times during the night. and i have had alot of discharge. like when i wake up in the moring its so uncomfortable cuz its so wet. help. please.

      i have also been so emotional. i have cried so much in the past week.

      peeing all the time.
      tiredness/not getting good sleep
      abdominal cramps
      tummy pain
      slight pain in lower back
      vaginal discharge [more than usual]



        Yes, you definitely could be pregnant. Try taking a home pregnancy test, or go to the doctor and have a blood test done. Let us know when you find out, ok?


          you cud be gettin some implantation bleedin, if the discharge has a bad odour and the cramps worsen n u continue to bleed, seek medical advise, oh n keepin ur feet higher then ur head (like lyin flat on the bed wit ur feet up against the wall or headboard might help)


            okay. so i have not taken a test yet.
            but my boobs are more sensitive. and you can see my veins and the nipple are darker. i have had weird food cravings.
            i want to know if i am.
            my period is supposed to start on tuesday.
            anymore reply’s?



              well i did start my period Tuesday night. it was really light at first.
              then i put a tampon in and over night it didn’t even fill up a quarter of the tampon. it has been getting thicker now. but i did have the tampon in for about 7 hours. its been technically four days. i still feel pregnant. i don’t know what to do. i feel like a paranoid freak. i mean, i don’t know if im pregnant.

              just help.

              its really tearing me apart. 🙁


                Take the test anyways. It’s the best thing you can do.


                  hi hunny- i dont think you must get to worried to fast-
                  it is very possible to have a period and be pregnant
                  but very unlikey, to me if you get your period like normal 4-5 days
                  then there is a small chance you are pregnant-
                  -brown blood can also just be old blood thats being cleaned out!
                  – a normal period starts off light – goes heavier- then light
                  again when its about to end.
                  – stress could also cause your period to do wacky things
                  – plus you on the pill- which can change the flow from time to time.
                  – your mind can also play tricks on you- it may be telling
                  you, you have all the symptoms when infact its just the stress
                  -(but dnt get me wrong there could be a chance you preg.)
                  i think before you start to stress get hold of a test
                  and test- if you not preg get checked out by a doc as to why
                  you bleeding and spotting.


                    thanks girls. :]
                    you are all helping so much.

                    yeah. idk if its in my head of there really is weird feeling in my abdominal. ???


                      i had a problem with my pill a while back and i kept having breakthrough bleeding and spotting and it was just a problem with my pill you should go to your doctores and get them to do a test. =]

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