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      I haven’t had my period since October. And just now this month, I’ve been feeling dizzy and lightheaded. And I’ve been constantly getting up early in the morning to pee. I can’t affor a test and I hate our free clinic. 🙁


        You need to get a test. Because my friend had her last period in october and she’s starting her 2nd trimester next week. You can’t let it get to far that you start to get big and then its to late to tell anyone or make any decisions. I have nothing against girls having babies at any age, I was 16 when I had my baby girl but I had time to plan everything out . You need to talk to a parent or best friend to get it figured out. Let me know 🙂


          Hi chica. How are you doing? Have you looked for any other free clinics in your area? Plug in your zip code at Hopefully that can give you some other places. Yes, you should get a test. It is scary but important to know sooner than later and then you come up with a good plan for you and your baby. There should be nice people to help you along and find other resources. Do you already know of anyone you trust who can help and love you through this time? I’m praying for you. Whatever the result of the test, have courage because you can make it through!


            Wel I’m a good age. Almost 23. Not really scared or anything. I’m in a place in my life where I can handle it. Our free clinic sucks and I don’t really like the people there. Good thing I heard that the price of tests went down. Just a few days afo I started getting nauseous everyday. But not throwing up. And my lower back hurts and I’ve ben getting a cramp on the :unsure: left side of my stomach. Just trying to figure out symptoms and such.


              Take a blood test.They tell you everything.Pregnancy tests don’t always tell you,because they don’t pick up as fast as a blood test does.Notice,after you have miscarried a pregnancy test will still tell you “positive.” But a blood test will most likely tell you that you are negative.Any vaginal bleeding consult a doctor.You never know,missing your period can mean many things.Not eating healthy,loosing tons of weight,pregnancy or maybe even stress.But the symptoms you’ve described are a lot like pregnancy symptoms.Peeing a lot is a symptom.But,I would get that checked out it can be something else,its not always pregnancy but it seems like it.Don’t take a test unless your positive you are and you at least have to wait 1 month to take a test because a test doesn’t pick up signs as much as a blood test does.Just like after you have a missed carriage.When I felt pregnant,my breasts got darker and I started getting a bit fat I also had frequent trips to the bathroom and I missed my period.I waited a few weeks after me and my boyfriend had sex to take a test because I got symptoms pretty fast(I didn’t know I was ovulating).Then suddenly the test came out positive and I informed my boyfriend.Also,cravings ARE NOT a symptom(what I think). Lol.But my advice is you take a blood test before you inform any family members or your partner.Good luck! 🙂

              – Sincerely,Rachel <3

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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