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      I can remember a time when the love for my baby was not enough to stop me from taking a drink. My body craved it and I wanted it….what made the difference was that I decided that I needed help beyond myself. I also decided that this pregnancy was probably a good wake up call and if I was ever going to become sober, now was the time. It isn’t an easy thing to do and the stress of pregnancy may complicate it but love yourself enough to make the deicision that you will get help! It is out there, you cannot do this on your own! My first string of sobrierty lasted 5 years and then for some reason I convinced myself that I was no longer an acoholic. I started on the downward spiral that luckily brought me back to realizing that I am and made a second go of it. It will be another 5 years in March of 07. I am a different woman now. Sobriety will change your life for the better and years from now you will have a hard time even remembering what it was like to think like an addict. That is what can change for you. You will better know yourself and come out of this a winner, having beat something that is "unbeatable" most of the time. It really does start with a choice and a decision to not use a drug today. Only for one day….eventually those days become weeks, months and years. Maybe for you it is a choice to not use for the next 5 minutes and eventually those mintutes will turn into days, etc. It sounds to me like your life is like a butterfly but right now you are still in the cacoon. Love yourself enough let that butterfly go free!

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