identical girls :)

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      soo i found out this week that i am having two girls…to tell more, two IDENTICAL GIRLS =)

      THEY ARENT SHY AT ALL, THE WHOLE TIME THEY WERE SHOWING US THEIR GIRLY PARTS…I WAS SHOCKED HOW FORMED THEIR FACES ARE,they look so beautifull…i cant belive it, i am being so blessed!!

      well here comes the not so happy part… i was in the hospital two days back, i had contractions-but thanks godness they stopped them…i got a shot that i dont know how its called in english… but i am having a soft cervix, so i am on strickt bedrest till week 20 at home, and then at the hospital, the docs and my family are praying that theyll stick inside for atleast another 10 weeks.

      when i was rushed in the hospital the docs told me that babys A heartrate was really low (so was mine and my pressure was like zero), and that baby B had a bit of 2 fast heartrate, also that there was 2 little amniotic fluid around baby A, so the next day i saw a specialist for the ttt syndrome… thanks godness i am not a case of it.

      well there are some way how they could fill the sac with fluid, but sadly it would be 2 risky for me, due to my soft cervix.

      well like i said, i am on strickt bedrest, i need to drink plently of fluids and i also got some mineral pills which i need to take every 4 hours..

      all we can do is pray that baby A will get better, and that the babies stick inside and bale for atleast another 10 weeks..

      i am really scared,i know the holidays are here, but still i would please you girls to say a prayer for me and my babies in the next days…

      thank you all to letting me share,


        Congratulations on your little girls! Just remember that God is watching over you and protecting all three of you. You’ll make it through this and things will turn out just fine. I will be praying for you and your girls. πŸ™‚


          Wow, how exciting! πŸ™‚


            woohoo double the fun. AND remember to listen to the drs. They dont say bedrest for nothing. Pray that the lil girls will stay in there.


              a lil update =)

              babies are here still very active-its sooooo cooooool to feel them, and on the other hand weir cause my friend is 18 weeks and cant feel her boy lol =) (guess im happy ) )=)

              well, the babies made 2 weeks since i was in the hospital, they are some little fighters i know that allready, and mommy is feeling great too! ok well…bored as hell but thanks goodness we have internet =)

              lots of love,



                Congratulations on your babies! What a handful! That’s going to be so special, they will be best friends for life..and as they get older they will play with eachother and you’ll have free time! How old are you by the way?


                  Congrats!!! You are lucky to be so blessed, I wish the best for you and your girls!!


                    :cheer: very exciting news about the twins, congrats!!!! will light a candle for you and your precious girls. stay safe and take extra special care of yourself.


                      congrats on the gurls.
                      n yewll be in my prayers best of luck.


                        thank you all ladys!

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