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      hey girls.
      i am 3wks pregrent and i have been having morning sickness :sick: also i have been vomating :sick: is this normal? also some nights i get up ever 3 hours to eat is that normal? but the nights i do that i puck :sick: it all up in the morning and most of the day. i love being pregrent so far. also well can u sleep on your stomach while pregrent. or while your belly is not that big? well just let me no thanks alot


        yes, morning sickness is very common when you’re pregnant and so is the vomiting.

        i dont know about the sleeping thinig though. i’m sure it’s okay though.


          I spoke to my doctor about my morning sickness as I too was vomiting 3 times a day.
          Believe it or not my doctor said that it was a good sign??? He told me that the more Hormones that you produce the more sick you will become, By producing more hormones the chances of your baby surving is good and its a good sign that everything is ok.

          Good luck


            Hey, Being sick in the moorning is the most known pregnancy symptom there is so i dont think you need to worry about that, however if your being violantly sick all day then it might be a good idea to see your docter. I’m really lucky i havent had any symptoms atall !:)I always slept on my belly before i fell pregnant so i just carryed on doing it untill i got a bump, i asked my midwife about it and she said its fine untill you get a bump. Hope this helped you a bit . Avalon and Bump xx[url=http://www.baby-gaga.com/]


              hey well i went to the doctor and i found out that i am 9wks now so yeah well i guess i was long then i thought and well the vomating :sick: has stoped some and well i am felling better then i was and i sleep on my stomach when i can’t sleep or when i fell sick at my stomach :sick:


                Hi, you will find as you get further along in your pregnancy that the sickness will wear off normally around 12 weeks, and it will seem alot more comfortable. Its just your body getting used to a tiny person being in there. Eat healthily and when ever you feel hungary, there is another mouth now! Take care. x


                  ah good old morning sickness, the girl’s are right that is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. The hormons in your body are going crazy. But as a good note they are doing just what they are supose to be doing. If you did not thow up I would be concerened. I have had three pregnancy’s and the secod one was the worst. I was 16 week’s, I was put in the hospital. I lost 10 pounds ’cause I could keep nothing down. Not even water.They had to put me on diclecton. It saved me!!! If it get’s really bad you can ask your doctor about it. Good luck with it. Remember cracker’s are you best friend in the morning. (I HAVE A SECRET) By the third pregnancy I got smart. I would eat a chocolate chip cookie in the morning before the crackers. I hate that sick gross taste in your mouth after you get sick. I ate the cookie, then when I threw up it would have the after taste of chocolate chip cookies. So then I brushed my teeth and everything would be ok. So try it one time to see if it works for you. If I’m expecting again i will do it to.

                  Take care


                    I had horrible morning sickness, Actually it was all day sickness. I vomited like 7 times a day. I had to go to the hopital twice to get an iv. I tore my esphogus (sp?) three times from throwing up so much. And my stomach swelld shut because i became so irratted. My doctor finally gave a prescription for Zofran. That was a life saver!!! Once i started taking that i only threw once a day! and by 20 weeks i felt fine.


                      I think i’m like 3 weeks also.

                      All i do is Burp and throw up.

                      I burp for no reason.

                      Everytime i eat something it comes back up.

                      I’ve been wanting Bananas for a while.


                        morning sickness is completely normal.. and its not going to stop for another month or so but it is so worth it once you’re holding that baby! sleeping on your stomach is fine, but by the time i was about 5 months it felt weird and uncomfortable so you can do it until you get uncomfortable! good luck and best wishes!


                          morning sickness is very common! I was sick almost from the moment I found out I was pregnant up until almost a week ago. The only thing was I was sick constantly losing alot of weight, I wanted to do nothing but sleep and the thought of food made my stomach turn. :woohoo: So I know the feeling hopefully you dont stay as sick as I did.


                            isnt that just awful?! i threw up until my 5th month, had horrible pains from stretching and pulling in my 6th and 7th, and started the throwing up all over again in the 8th and 9th! such a joy!!! have you had an ultrasound yet, cuz after i had that i didnt mind as much…

                            as for sleeping on your stomach, its really more of a comfort thing than anything, your babys well protected! and as you get bigger you should sleep on your left side for blood pressure, and swelling reasons. start now so your well into the habit when its time!


                              hey i’m glad your enjoying your pregnancy! and yes sikness is very normal nothign wrong is going on and i wouldn’t recommend you sleeping on your stomach at all try your left side k? have fun! keep me posted!


                                hey i am gonna be 13 wks tommorrow and well i have not been sick anymore i had to go to the hospital a couple of weeks ago and well i am gonna have a girl wow!!!!


                                  hey i am now 13 wks pregrent and they hhave found out that i am havibng tiwns and well i have not gained that much weight but yeah i am not having morning sickness anymore the sickness is more at night right after super or right after bed or right after supper and reight before bed :sick:


                                    Hey girl just wanted to say congrats on your baby! and let you know everything thats happening to you is normal, im 3 moths pregnant and i still throw up all the time it really sucks!!! but you get used to it slowly you find out what kind of makes you sick and what doesnt. GOOD LUCK!!!


                                      🙂 I guess i consider myself lucky. I only had morning sickness for a wk with my daughter. and i just took the test yesterday and found out I’m preg with my 2nd child. I’m going to the dr on monday to find out for sure but I’m hoping this one is easy as the first.. so its not too bad. another suggestion i have is when i was 2 1/2 mos with my daughter i layed on my stomach and when i woke up i had severe pains in my abdomen. i dont know if you have any pain but i wouldnt suggest laying on your stomach until you talk to a dr. it could cause complications if you dont disscuss it with your OB/GYN first. Keep me posted!

                                      Kandi :cheer:


                                        i need help on knowing if i am. want to know what is the best pregnancy test out there. i have only my friends and bf to talk to about this and i have a lot of ?’s about this so if you can please e-mail me back


                                          🙂 The test that i took with my daughter and now is the clearblue easy read. it says pregnant not pregant instead of the lines. well it has those to but ithink its easier and sinks in faster if you can actually see the words.


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