iam 12 and prego

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      hay guys iam 12 and prego agian i thoght i lernd my leson but i gess not i dount want to git an abortion i think adoption would be best but then i want to keep him or her iam scared i ceep my baby girl legasy buut shes only 3 mothes and its going to be alot of presure idk what to do plz help iam only 12 🙁 :unsure:


        hi my names michelle i have been in a relationship with my partner since we was 12 i am now 23 and we are still together and very very happy.
        when i was 16 i fell pregnant i had a misarriage and have had an empty hole ever since and questions that will never be answered expl: what colour eyes, hair ect.
        Since the miscarriage i have not been able to get pregnant so i am seeking the help of women who fall pregnant but cant see it in their hearts to have an abortion there is so many women who can not have children its absolutley heart breaking you could be the angel a couple desperatly needs and i hope i find my angel soon ty all for listening xxxxx if anyone needs to talk about anything at all feel free to messege me lotsoflovexx@ymail.com

        if your are looking for someone to adopt i will if you are sure its what you want


          wow 12 is very young to be having sex in the first place honey. what does your parents think about this you will need suport through this pregnancy if you are going to keep it i would advise you to put up for adoption or something. if you want to talk im here my email is ad me on facebook or email 🙂 xoxoxo

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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