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      [color=#800080][b] ok so im wondering if im prego? i usaly get my period around the 15 or 16 of the month every month and it is reular adn so far its the 23 and no period. my boy friend and i had unprtected sex and we had a little mishab twice once about 2 weeks after my period and about 3 weeks, im worried becuse i havent been this late and i have had a few things like:unsure:

      *breasts hurt a little more but not much
      * lots of headachs
      *cramps and bloating like im going to get my period but it never comes
      *tired take naps in the day wake up really late
      *really thirsty like i fell dehidrated alot
      * i feel sick to my stomach not to the point where i puke but just sick
      * when i eat i feel a little better but im eating a lot!!

      so i really dont know im so confused
      help would be great:cheer:
      could i really be prego:unsure: [/b][/color]


        Going just on the typical fertility schedule your first "mishap" occured during your most fertile period. For this reason alone, I suggest a HPT.


          hi girl…
          well,like untbunny suggested…
          make a HPT..
          i doesn’t cost soo much, and you will be sure about are you or are you not…


            Yep i would do a test to rule out pregnancy.
            Sounds like you are and having sex 2wks after your period would be around ovulation so good chance you probably are but take that test.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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