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      Hey everyone I’m ttc and my period was due on Sunday but it hasn’t come yet but I dnt really have constant symptoms. My boobs get achy at times then they stop hurting and I feel woozy at random points in the day but nothing is really constant. I’m gna test on Monday but I just would like if someone would tell me if they experienced all the typical symptoms this soon or if they had them later on. When should I expect them and what would I get first?? Also are there any girls that didn’t get achy boobs and all that stuff?? Please reply cz i’m so confused and I really want to have succeeded this month. All stories welcome!! Thanx x


        Well being 5 days late with some of your symptoms could definitely be pregnancy…have you and your fiance set a date yet? This time around, my third pregnancy, I knew I was pregnant 16 days before I had a positive test, I didn’t end up with a positive test until I was 12 days late so I knew 4 days before I was even late…I was feeling woozy and the smell of certain foods made me want to throw up plus my chest…yeah…MAJOR GROWTH!!!! So you could be pregnant and if you are then best wishes and a healthy pregnancy to you but if you are not then I would really like to encourage you to just hold off for your wedding….it is just better for you, future hubby and future baby…you are already engaged…what’s the rush? I can’t wait to hear form you to see what is going on so make sure you let us all know…Love Meg

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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