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      im not sure what im searching for hear, if anything, but i will share my story as many of you have…. i am 25, mother of 3, and just found out i have another on the way. my kids are 7, 4, and 3. my oldests father bailed right away, i was only 16 and he left me to grow up in 9 months. my other two are by the same man (or so his age claims him to be). when i found out i was pregnant with my 3rd i was 21 and single, i had to kick the dead beat to the curb. i have found the strenght within myself, my family, and thank god for my friends to survive. i sit here today with 3 happy, health, beautiful children i love so much. we recently moved into a new home with a fenced in back yard, i own my car, i work and go to school. somehow i’ve made it. i find it within myself to do what has to be done. i will enjoy feeling a baby grow inside my body again(this will be the last time, i plan to have my tubes tied), and i will never forget giving birth, it is truely amazing. the things that seem important to me before i became a mother exist somewhere in lala land. diapers, formula, fevers, new shoes, homework, and teaching life lessons are so much more important than anything i could have ever thought of. sometimes i wonder where my life would be without my kids, and then i realize i wouldnt want it anyother way. i watch my oldest race his midget car, watch both my boys play tball and soccer, and i watch my daughter in dance….i see them being as wonderful as they could, because of me….and me only. and i will somehow manage to add another little person into our lives. no dadies to take the credit. with that, congrats to all single moms, you are amazing people, in every sense of the word!!

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