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      Okay this is how it all went………i had my period like in the beggining of feb. I slept with this guy like somewhere in the middle (im sorry about the estimated dates). I was like bleeding (real light and it was brown) on the 28th of feb for like 3-4 days and that was real weird cuz there is only 28 days in the month and my periods were always regular. So anyways its the end of march and i aint ever get my real period or bleed anymore. I be feelin bloated and got some light cramps. One day i felt a burning sensation on the left side of my stomach. Also i dont know if anyone has ever had this but i feel real tired but i cant sleep. Well im sorry for taking up ur time and i just want to know what u guys think.


        Yes I would definetly suggest taking a pregnancy test. I have the same pain in my left side as well, and I am just waiting for my test results to come back since I had a blood pregnancy test done. Just take a pregnancy test, and you will know for sure. 🙂 Hope everythings okay.


          I had my last period on Feb 28th too for 3-4 days and now its April 1st and I also have a yeast infection can the medicine hold off my period? or should I take another test If I don’t get a period within a week or so?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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