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      i am almost 16 and i have been pregnant twice before first time with twin girls who made it to 26 weeks and second time with another little girl who made it to 23 weeks. my boyfriend recently broke up with me because he was devistated about lossing three daughters and i dont see us ever getting back together. but i want a baby so badly it kills me to see pregnant teens and to see them with babies i dont think i have ever wanted something more in my life then to have a child right now. i just dont know what to do.


        My advice to you is that you wait. Losing three babies has to be really hard but you should of learned after the first one. Having a baby at 16 is not the life you want for yourself or your baby it makes it so much harder just to get through everyday life. I was 15 when i got pregnant I couldn’t keep my baby due to the risk to my health but i’ve learned to take all the bad from that and turned it into good. You shouldn’t be so determined to get pregnant at your age in the end you will be saving yourself from alot of hard times if you just stop and look at the whole picture. You’re 16 you have many more years to have children. Years where you can be with someone that loves you and that wants children and you both be finacially able to take care of it and prepared for the baby. Having a baby and raising it is alot harder than you think and theres no going back. You may of got out of it three times but my advice is to stop and wait till your truely ready and there may be a medical reason why you keep losing your babies that far along i’d get it checked out. Good luck I hope you take my advice you’ll be thankfull for it in the future.


          I’m so sorry to hear about your loss I really am. I’ve had two miscarriages but they were both quite early so i cant possibly imagine the pain you and your boyfriend feel. I will say that you really need to just take a while and realise that you still are very young sweetheart and I can understand wanting to have a baby to fill the void and ease the incredible greif in your heart but trust me just wait a few years and then when you are in a strong relationship and have a bit of money behind you you can have your baby. But you have to work on recovering and healing first and that alone will take a couple of years. You need to be in a place where you can offer the most to your baby and can take care of and love him/her fully with your partner/husband.

          I wish you all the best and I’m here if you need a chat x


            Dear, I know how it feels to lost a child. &’nd i’m so sorry that you have lost three. Give it some time &’nd i’m sure you will carry a baby full turm. Honestly losing the babies could have been because of you age, and body. If your body isn’t matured enough you most likely wont be able to carry full turm. Again, i’m really sorry. Good luck with everything.


              Have you been checked on why you havent been able to make it to term?
              I would get checked by docctors before trying, doesnt matter if your 16 ask why this happen that way, if there is anything you can change for the future.


                I am Sorry for you losses
                I never have lost a child, but maybe it is sign your to young or You have a under lying fertility condition, that you may want check out

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