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      i´m new here…
      my name is miki, i´m 18, ´n i desperately need your insights ´bout my situation…

      i have this bf. he´s my so-called first guy. i dunno if you guys would believe me but i know for a fact that he´s totally inlove with me ´n i the same with him…i guess its what you call a girls intuition or something. we´ve been going out for about a year ´n 4 months. 🙂 ´n just this nov. 25, we, for the very first time, had sex. :blush: that was exactly 2 days after my period…

      i know its kinda lame, but we only did it for like…well seconds…:blush: he told me that he has already reached his limit so he immediately pulled out. he didn´t cum inside me but knowing for a fact that we had an unprotected sex, i just couldn´t shake off this feeling that there really is a posibility that i could get pregnant.

      that was my first so i´m totally freaking out ´bout this. i´m scared to ask my parent´s about this so please help me. i wanna know if i´m pregnant or not asap?

      THANK YOU!


        I think it is wonderful that you guys took your time taking your relationship to the next level. It sounds like you guys are really lucky. I would not start worrying about pregnancy just yet. If your period is late, then ok. But it doesnt sound like there is much chance u are pregnant. even though it is always possible, you ovulate halfway through your cycle, so if you get a period ever 30 days, then you would ovulate the 15th day after the first day of your period. There is only about a 12 hour time period that an egg can be fertilized once it is released. The chances that any single sperm even lived long enough to meet up with the egg is quite low, and considering he did not ejaculate, there are very few that could have made it. So you really shouldnt worry.


          Hi Miki! Welcome to the site! 🙂

          Ok, well, of course there is a chance that you are pregnant, regardless of how long you actually had sex. Because it was so soon after your period there is not a very good chance that you are pregnant, but you could be. Try not to freak out, but wait for your next period (I know, it seems like forever away) and if it ends up being a week late then take a home pregnancy test first thing in the morning. Before that the HPT won’t be accurate.

          Keep us updated, ok?


            hey Miki! i dont think ur preggs cuz you just ended ur period ALTHOUGH! they say theres chance even after ur period, its not so common u know….but just to make sure take a test after ur supposed to get ur period….keep us posted… 😉


              thanks soo much! it´s still a week before my period. i don´t feel any obvious symptoms right now but i´m still soo nervous. i wanna have a baby. but i don´t think now´s the right time. we´re both still studying, so i do think that having one right now is not such a good idea good idea. i wanna prepare for our future babies 🙂 i don´t want them to experience any hardships, well…all of the mom´s and soon to be mom´s wouldn´t want that right?


                Well i know you can get pregnant right after your period cause it happened to me. Me and my husband well he was my boyfriend then had sex a day after my period. I remember cause i was leaving to go visit my family the next day. I stayed there for two months and i found out i was pregnant a month later. So it is indeed possible.:S


                  Hey sweetie…

                  i really dont think you have anything to worry about.
                  only start worryin once you missed your period that way you
                  dont put your body under stress that it does not need.

                  there is a small chance that you are pregnant,
                  he would have to ejaculate inside you!
                  so im pretty sure your safe hun

                  if you need to chat im always here



                    I wouldnt think you were due to only being 2 days after your period. If you are regular with youe monthlies you wouldnt have ovulated so it could be just stress BUT grab a test r go to the drs and get bloods to ease your mind.


                      Have you taken a test yet?

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