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      I told my bf what was going on his emediate response was ‘I knew you were going to try to trap me.’ Like I did this all by myself and on purpose.Then he said he wasnt pissed off but how he didnt trust me.


        Stay strong Lady! Sometimes guys come around after a little time, sometimes they don’t. Regardless, you can be a great mommy and someday you will meet a man that will love you and your baby more than you ever thought possible.


          My sons dad acted the same way!!! Him and his dad and stepmom acused me of trying to trap him because I was so close to the family that it would be "convienient" dont listen to their hurtful words…..you know the truth and I hope that you dont let him persuade you to get rid of your baby…..even if he leaves you can make the right choice and be a mommy 🙂 Meg


            Stay strong, hes jus scared athm. . . . Its a big thing we have to cope with it 1 way bu they dont really know wot 2 do, he will come around sweetie dont worrie things willw ork out in the end xxxxxxx


              Thanks guys. I just thought hed be with me better. Its really lonely doing this without him behind me. Im sure you guys understand that though.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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