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      I come on this site daily…. I try to give advice to people who I believe are going through a hard time… just as people had beeen there for me when I lost my daughter. I have a 15 year old brother… I look at him and look at the girls that are on here, either pregnant, or want to be, or are pretending to be. Don’t you guys want to live your life???? Dont you think that there is a chance of you guys changing your mind in the future? Why do you have to put yourselves in a situation where there is no going back if you want to…. a situation with so much hardship for people who are what the society labels "capable". Are you that selfish that you can not wait until you can provide the VERY best life for a child before you have one? I am in no way shape or form dicrediting the young moms on this site… I am truly proud of what you girls have done… but im sure ( eventhough no one would trade in what they have now)… if you knew you could have the same child in the future, most of you would wait… until you have a house…. until the babysfather is there 100%… until you can hold your head up in the family and everyone would be proud….

      All im trying to say is this: if you are not already pregnant, and just wishin you were and you are not sure… dont… give life the best chance at happiness….. please dont be selfish… after all, parenting is all about compromises and putting your children before anything else.



        I completely agree with what you are saying : ) I wouldn’t trade my son for anything but it is hard somedays knowing that right now I could have been graduating with my degree. I degree that I still fully intend to get but am going at a much slower pace now. It’s hard because I know I would sleep better at night if I had set out the groundwork before having a family> I love Caleb and my husband but we do struggle. God always provides us with just enough to get by, which I am grateful for but it seems we never can get ahead. My car broke and we had to buy a new one. Then I lost my job. This all happened the first two weeks we were married. I’ll admit having a two year old and one on the way makes tough situations that much harder. It’s a great motivator butt I can’t for the life of me understand why girls would intentionally put themselves in this sort of situation. You could complete college at 22, have a ton more life experience and a job that pays the bills and still be considered a young mom. Waiting til your 22 is not that long. It’s so much harder the way I did it. Trust me, love is great but it doesn’t pay the bills ha ha.


          I completely agree with you guys.
          I really believe that if a girl gets pregnant, no matter what age, she should keep the baby — God gave her a baby for a reason.
          But to be trying for a baby when both of you are 14….I don’t know, it was ok in the middle ages when people got married then and that’s what society did…but right now it’s so bloody hard, why do it?
          I’m fine with a girl who’s already married, even if she’s 17 or 18 or whatever, trying for a baby with her HUSBAND, but just with some dude when neither person can stand on their two feet…..well, can’t you just wait people is what i’d like to say to them. But yeah, everyone’s entitled to their opinions I suppose.


            I know the feeling of wanting a baby can be intoxicating but a lot of people that do that think about it with a "movie reel" perspective I think. They look at it from all these wonderful perspectives and don’t think about any of the hardships that life has to offer with it or the fact that you’re life changes with every breath you take and you have to adhere to your child’s schedule not the other way around. The only thing that girls should be thinking about before the graduate is graduating. Because that is extremely important these days. when they get out and they have a steady bf they trust isn’t going anywhere and they’re both actually ready in every which way, then they should consider it.

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