I think that I am pregnant and i don’t want to be.

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      Hi, I am Virtue.
      I think that I am pregnant but am too afraid to take a test bc I don’t want to be pregnant.. I am also having some symptoms like; feeling hungry a lot more faster then usual, I am urinating a lot more, am having weird cravings, I am sleeping more and I am having difficulties to stool. However I am not vomiting nor am I having any morning sickness..but I am also having headaches???….My thing is that I am only 21yrs and I have a lot of things that I really want to do to better my life I have a child.
      I really don’t want to be pregnant and I want to know if I am pregnant but I’m afraid to take a pregnancy test….so could someone plz give me some advise…I really need it…
      I am so stressed right now!!! sigh….. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™


        hey virtue,
        some of those symptoms could be caused by stressing about being pregnant or not being pregnant. lol The only official way for you to know is to take a test, if youre scared call the option line 1800 395 HELP and they can help you find a caring pregnancy center. they can give you and free and confidential test and help you with you decision on keeping your wonderful baby! πŸ™‚ good luck please keep me posted on to what you find out~!
        praying for you


          Hi Virtue,

          Like Teka said, some of those symptoms could be caused by stressing about being pregnant or not being pregnant, so yeah the only way for you to know is to take a test and I would advise you to do it as soon as possible.. and don’t worry everything will be ok!

          Keep your head high and stay strong!


            I’m in the same boat as you are right now. Although I’m not experiencing any symptoms.. but I’m 10 days late for my period. My period isn’t always regular though, it came about 5 days earlier a few months ago, but I’m not usually this late..

            I took 2 home pregnancy tests. They both turned out negative, and I took the first one on the 4th day my period was late, and the 2nd one on the 7th day. I was reading a lot of forums though, and apparently you should wait about 1-2 weeks before taking a home pregnancy test to get a more accurate result.

            I really do advise you to take a test though. Trust me, it helps with the waiting and if you are pregnant, it really is better to know sooner so you can really think about what you want to do and start planning. I’m really nervous right now.. I was bawling my eyes out today at work because I’m really really scared about what I’m going to do if I do get pregnant. I’m so afraid of what my family will think :(. I feel like I am really going to let them down if I am pregnant.

            I’m going to take another test on the 14th late day if I don’t get my period.
            I wish you the best! πŸ™‚

            lilly k

              Take the test, it will reduce your stress level and in whatever the results first think clearly before making any decisions. Everything happens for a reason!!! :kiss:


                to u i i thought i was pregnant took several tests all neg and i still had not had a period but i finally came but it was stress stop stressing and worrying get a test as soonas possible it is in ur best inteest to kno asap so u can make the best decision the worst thingu cando is having a baby u dnt want so my advice stop being scared stand girl and all its members are here forr u as well as myself i would love to kno wat u decide plz keep me posted


                  Hello Virtue, I agree with them. The best way can do is to use pregnancy test just to make it sure if you really pregnant. Don’t too much stress of thinking if you are pregnant or not. Everything’s happen has a reason and has always a solution.


                    being pregnant is not easy but considering that an angel is growing inside your womb is the best gift a woman could ever have.something inside you is blossoming into a breath of life.welcome him/her with so much love.that is a blessing.


                      hey virtue!
                      You really need to stop stressing out. The same thing happened to me and really pregnancy symptoms are all in your head. if u stop worrying about them, stop reading up on them and stuff they will go away. Also, are you using birth control? because birthcontrol will give you pregnancy symptoms because it makes your body think you are pregnant that way you can’t get pregnant. just hang in there! a lot of people are going through the same thing. Like me, i was having pregnancy symptoms because i was on birth control and then i quit taking it but now my period is 2 weeks late as of today and so idk what is going on but there is no use in being worried bc it doesn’t do any good it wont change anything. so be strong and if you need anybody to talk to you are welcome to talk to me πŸ™‚ good luck! hope things turn out ok!

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