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      well here goes, im 14 years old nd i got rly pissed at a club a few months ago nd i had sex wiv sum random person i didnt evan kno
      but now i think im prego, i did a test and it sed neg but ma period is 2 weeks late and i keep bin sik on a mornin
      im rly scared plz help me!!
      xoxoxo 🙁 :S


        plzzzzzzzzz sum1 say sumfin!
        im propa scared!!!


          It sounds to me like you should see a doctor – not only to figure out if you are pregnant, but to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. The doctor can do a physical examination and order blood tests that should answer both questions. Hang in there!


            Have you been to the doctor yet? dont worry if you are pregnant , there are lots of options open to you – I know its pretty scary at the moment but just remember that no matter how shocked your family might be , they love you and they WILL help you with whatever you decide to do.My friend had a baby at around your age and she got pregnant while on holidays – she now says she could never imagine her life without her beautifil daughter- so hang in there and you ll be fine


              I am praying for you! Here is a website that may help you:
              or call 1-800-395-HELP

              If you are pregnant, there is a beautiful baby, a new life growing inside you. Take courage, you can give this baby life! Even though it may seem like your life is a mess, God hasn’t forgotten you. He loves you as His own child, and He loves your little baby as His own child, too. Motherhood is a beautiful thing, and no person is made "by accident".

              Your Friend,


                I just noticed a link at the sidebar for a Crisis Pregnancy help line:

                Probably calling any of the help lines at the right-hand side would help you very much.

                Hope this helps!

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