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      im really scared cause im only 17 and i know my moms gonna kill me when she finds out. i have all the symptoms but i havent missed my peroid. if i am pregnant its about 2 weeks now. can you feel symptoms that early? also the guy who would be my babys father wants nothing to do with me anymore. its really sad. i should never have told him until i was for sure…



        hey well the funny thing is i had a feeling 3 days after having unprotected sex and well i did a test 2 weeks before i was surposed to have my period but it was negative then i was 3 days late and not the same period, well have i had my period all my symptoms just stopped so i thought i had a miscarriage but thinking about it now it was only stress but now my lower back hurts sometimes and i not slim so you really wouldnt tell if i was pregnant if i began to show but i feel something hard and these days i feel extra heavy so i’ll take another test like 2 weeks later just to be sure but i really want a child although i know everyone will disagree. sorry for giving you my story but what i’m trying to say is if i’m pregnant i knew from the beginning, and everyone’s different so just wait about 2 more weeks then take a test, oh yeah about your ex if you are pregnant see him leaving from the beginning as kind of like a good thing cause better he leaves before so you can become independent than leave when you’ve already gotten use to him being there. keep me updated:)

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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