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      I’m in a difficult situation. I’m late for my period and I’m taking the pregnancy test tomorrow morning, but I have a feeling that I am pregnant. I was raped by my ex boyfriend. We were sexually active when we were together. I know this was wrong. My parents do not even know that he was my boyfriend, let alone that we were sexually active. I am the "good girl" who would never in a million years do something like that.

      Well, I’ve asked God for forgiveness for my past choice and resolved not to fall back into that sexual sin, but my ex felt like he still had the right to me even though we weren’t even going out (and he cheated on me with two girls, just kissing, and has been experimenting with drugs lately). He couldn’t take "no" for an answer–he didn’t believe that I meant it. There have been times before when I started off by "no" but eventually let in, but now there are potentially grave consequences.

      Yes, a condom was used, and it did not break. He didn’t want to impregnate me or anyone else for that matter. I was not on the pill or any other sort of birth control. It was, however, during my ovulation!

      Well, now I don’t know what to do. First, I will need to tell my parents because I cannot go through this alone–I need their support. But I don’t know what to tell them. When I tell them that I was raped, I’m afraid they will ask me who it was. I do not want to tell, as this could open a can of worms. Also, I do not want my ex to have anything to do with this child. Would it be the right thing to do not to tell him at all?

      Please help me. I am so scared. 🙁


        I am so glad to hear that you are going to tell your parents if you are pregnant. You are right…you will need their support. As far as telling them about the rape…my experience has been that keeping secrets from loved ones brings more harm then good. And while things may get very tense in the short-term…truth will win out in the long-term.
        If you are pregnant, what are you planning on doing?


          if you are pregnant its nt the end of the world.NEVER FORGET DAT . you will feel alot better when you tell ur parents trust me because im kinda in the same situation n everyday i slowly die becaus my parents doesn’t knw and they look up to me so well.So if u wanna chat we are always here for you


            You really need to decide what are you going to do.But first you really need to find out


              listen i think u shud take the test first…then when u get the results…u should tell ur parents if ur pregnant. u wudnt wanna hid eanything frm them….trust me, it dsnt work in the end…and eventually they’ll get to know abt this boy…so just tell them everything…just set yourself free….i know what i’m going through cause i lied to my mum….just take it easy. God will be your strenght.


                Sweetie, have you taken th HPT yet?


                  What symptoms are you having or is it your mind playing tricks on you.
                  You say you used a condom, if it was used correctly it should be alright and you wont be pregnant.
                  Good to see you are being very mature about the whole situation.
                  Definately tell your parents.
                  Good luck with the test and let us know how u go

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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