I think I’m pregnant, and I’m only 17.

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      I’m only 17 and not even with the love of my life. But turns out that my body has been acting funny the last two weeks. I took a test and it came out with 1&1/2 lines, which is an error. I don’t want to take another one ’cause I’m scared. But my boobs hurt, I’m moody, tired, hungry and have to go pee. I don’t have morning sickness but I do feel queasy every now and then. My period isn’t due for another 2 weeks, so I know this isn’t post menstrual feelings, since I’ve been having them for almost a week now.

      The guy that I’m ‘with’ doesn’t want a relationship but he said he’d try to form one with me if I was pregnant, which is very bad. I don’t think it would ever work.

      Also, this is going to ruin my life. I am totally against abortion, having to go through one after I was raped was enough to never want one again. I feel almost guilty for everything I had did to that poor little baby.

      If anyone can help me, please do. I’d like any advice someone can give me, I’m sure someone has been in this situation before.


        hey hun 🙁 the best advice i can give you is to maybe wait a week or so and then take another test.. if you are pegnant then maybe tell someone you trust about it, since abortion is not an option you want to choose. I hope things work out for you, keep us updated!


          Big hugs and welcome to SUG… This is not going to ruin your life, there are plenty of women who have had children during their teen years and made a success of their lives. You just have to talk to someone you trust.
          It might be pms and you stressing about being pg may make you feel pg symptoms. Wait untill AF is late and then take another test, you can also ask your doctor for a blood test- they are seldom wrong.
          Till then, take care of yourself 🙂 and keep us posted.


            hey im 17 and four months gone and at first i thought this would be the end of my life as i know it. I am so glad i made the decision not to abort, it must be a truly horrible thing to go through. If you really are that against it but dont want to keep the baby, would you consider adoption? Also give yourself a chance to get your head round this..if you do decide to keep your baby dont pin all your hopes on the father but give him a chance too..he might surprise you.. anyway there is no point stressing out until you know fr definite..no matter how scared you are you have to find out whether you are or not because you have some big decisions to make. good luck xxxx


              heya hun. well for starters i know its hard in situations like these but try stay positive beacuse it wil help ease the stress. the best advice i can give you is maybe to wait a week or so and see if u get your period. in the mean time talking about it could help so try confide in someone you trust. i hope all works out and be sure to keep us posted. goodluck girly !


                I haven’t taken another test yet, and my ‘period’ is due in just 1 day, and I haven’t had nothing as to pains. But I’ve got all my symptoms still. Also, the guy I’m with has decided to start a relationship with me outside of all this baby stuff. So even if I’m not, hes going to be with me no matter what.

                I’m taking another test the 14th, and if it still comes out as an error or neg. I’m going to the doctor just to make sure. My stomach still hurts if you press on it and my boobs hurt more, and the nipples are very red and big, I know that sounds gross but I’m sure you all have been there before.

                Just thought I’d keep everyone posted and thank you for replying, it helps a lot knowing there’s people in my situation.


                  I think that it’s a good idea to take another test and if it comes out neg. to go to the doctor to make sure.

                  Lol, pregnancy symptoms are weird, aren’t they? But I’m sure that no one on here would think that they’re gross. 😉

                  Thanks for keeping us posted! Make sure to let us know the test results!


                    I took another test and it came out negative. And I got my period on the 17th, but I’m still having pregnancy symptoms. My period seemed normal so I don’t know.

                    Its really weird I guess. I’m going to go to the doctor to make sure everything is fine. It does happen that girls will get their period even though pregnant. And I’ve got some things wrong with my body as is, so I can never be too certain.



                      What did the doctor say?

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