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      me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex for about a month now.. which i know is really stupid..
      and hes been coming inside of me.
      we also had sex on the day i ovulated..
      ive been having symptoms like bloating..
      and my nipples have been hurting..
      im not sure if i am.. but it would help if i got advice


        It sounds like you definitely could be pregnant…
        Wait until your period is a week late and then take a Home Pregnancy Test.
        Let us know what the results are! 🙂


          Obviously you have a major chance to be pregnant… but don’t stress out. Wait it out and keep yourself busy and healthy!

          Good luck. 🙂


            well, i think your chance to be pregnant is reaaally reaally high =)
            like Autumn said, keep your self healthy-no alcohol,caffein,tobacco..
            and then when your period is late make a hpt =)
            keep in touch**


              Well you could be pregnant. But that is the big chance you take when having unprotected sex, so im sure your not surprised. Jessica


                You definitely sound like you are pregnant. Don’t stress about it and just wait it out. Let us know what the results are. Keep yourself healthy.:side:


                  its been threee days since my period was supposed to start
                  and im usually pretty regular..
                  my boyfriend is freaking out.
                  but i think that it is all psychological and in our heads..
                  ill keep yall updated.
                  oh and im taking another test tomorrow so ill post the results.


                    Let this be a lesson learned then.

                    Unprotected sex=pregnancy.


                      its positive!
                      im due in june!
                      im very excited.
                      i can use all the support i can get


                        Thank you for keeping us updated! 🙂
                        I’m so glad that you are keeping the baby!


                          yeah i no how you feel i think im pregant to i dont no what to do i know when i was ovulating and i had sex that day and now im so stressedd and my stomach feels ful and muh baq hurts like its crazy but we should talk more anyone



                            Keep me updated in my GuestBook.


                              well i think that you are pregnant especially if you have been having unprotected sex with your boyfriend because even if he tells you that he will pull out on time there is always that pre cum that comes out and can cause us girls to get pregnant havent you taken health classes but anyways dnt stress stuff happens for a reason

                              congrats on everything hope you eat well and baby comes out very healthy

                            Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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