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      HI everyone…please those of you who have had smiliar experience or knowledge of this reply!! Thanks. Okay I had sex once feb.5th without a condom and am not on birth control and he pulled out. However around the time of my perios i got all PMS syptoms but it didn’t come and I though oh crap…but it came 4-7 days late then the usual time. This period was light to heavy to heavy to light. it lasted five days. My usual clockwork perios last 3 days always!!! Anyway. I still feel weird!!! Headaches, cramping pain in my pelvic which is sensitive to touch, I have like bumps around my nipple (this is the biggest sign to me) , girls keep saying their boobs got rock hard..mine are way soft tender dark nipples and feel a lil heavy….I’ve been getting a lil more tired than usual. I took two freakin test last week both negative….What the heck? I don’t diswelcome a child but i could wait, ya know? Anything appreciate. Oh my mom had her period with my sister…..


        they’re chances you could be pregnant but the only way to be sure is to take a test, good luck girl 🙂


          id say go to thr dr’s and get a bloodtest done…other than that the only thing to do is wait for next period and try after that (if you get one!).

          good luck xxx


            you know alot of times you can make urself have symptoms that arent really there? trust me i did this when i was in the SAME position as you…except i was trying to get pregnant………just dont think about it for awhile try to do some things to get pregnancy off your mind! and it is really hard to get preggo on precum unless ur RIGHT in the middle of ovulation lol anywho if it persists go and see a dr. they can do a blood test to make sure and then make sure nothing else is wrong! thats ur best bet! anywho i hope this helps and good luck 🙂

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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