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      [b] I sat and thought for ages the other night and realised that i was 5 and a half weeks late. i have some of the symtoms, backache, constant headaches, swollen breasts, feeling irritable, nausea, eating alot. I know i should probebly go for the test but im scared, because my partner thinks his life will be over and i dont want him to feel like that? He said he would look after me if iam and never to worry about him leaving as he loves me too much. im scared his family and mine will be angry as we have only just moved in together and havent been going out that long. I just dont know what to do?


        It seems to me that you are pregnant! You should go to the doctor or a clinic immediately. Don’t blame yourself if your boyfriend is upset about you being pregnant. BOTH OF YOU contributed 50% in making the baby. It is NOT completely your fault. As for the parents, of course they’ll probably be upset at first, but give them time, especially since you said that you guys haven’t been going out that long. THey are still probably a little disappointed with ya’ll. With time, they will support you guys if they love you.


          Well, even the most prepared people are scared of having a child. You will have 9 months to get used to it and your boyf too. He will survive. Talk a lot about your feelings and let him in on doctor’s visits so he can get excited too. I am sure you have already been wondering if it’s a boy or girl and I bet he is too. I know it is scary telling your family stuff like this, but it is your life and once they get over the initial shock I bet you will see their excitement. It’s just that sometimes parents have dreams for their kids and letting go of those dreams is hard. They will though and you have to reassure them that this is what you want. good luck.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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