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      Okay.So I think im pregant. I dont feel good at all. I dont know what to do right about know. Im afride if I tell somebody I will get judged upon what I did. If I dont know how i should tell my parent about this.I just dont know what to do. If anyone could give me some ideas please help!


        hey girl. I know how you feel was 16 wen i first became pregnant. I called my best friend and she helped me out. I never told my mum. But if u feel u can go for it. Otherwise speak to an aunt or just anyone u can trust. Dont panic just be safe in wat u decide to do. Go see a nice doctor take control.


          I for one have never been pregant yet, but if you are pregant and just need someone to talk to, e-mail me. My mom was 17 when she had me and she will really know what you are going through. If you want to talk. 🙂

          hoping to hear from you soon,

          Sarah G.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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