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      Im 20years old, and think i might be pregnant i am seven days late on my period and have all the symptons of being pregnant. but am 2 scared 2 take a test incase im not pregnant! as me n my boyfriend r really desperate 2 have a baby 2gether. i have been pregnant before to a ex partner when i was 17 and had an abortion which i deeply regret too this day. im just not sure wheter to take a test or visit the doctor as i will be so disappointed if im not pregnant.


        I have been in your shoes and I would strongly suggest waiting until you are married. If you bf wants to have a baby with you then he should propose and get married not for you and him but for the child. Best of luck. Jessica


          well i can’t see anything wrong to take some tests or to visit a doctor. Don’t be afraid on it. if its positive then its perfect gift then if it’s not god has a reason why. but don’t be i a rush. there’s a perfect time for everything.. just kip in faith..:)


            I don’t know if jessey223 is proposing an abortion, I hope not. If you are pregnant then have your little one this time. Don’t be scared, it’s not that big a deal. It’s a cute little baby we’re talking about, not a monster!


              hey ur only 7days late, i suggest waitin another week 2 avoid gettin incorrect results…but u have to take a test to know once and for all, and if ur not, theres still time…. best of luck


                I think you shouldn’t be scared!!! If you want the baby it’s good rite???? Best of luck to you!


                  well just take the test! but think about this… dont u think if u are really ready for a baby AND your boyfriend is, then you both are ready to get married? Babies are forever and so is marriage, so if u cant get married, u really shouldnt be trying intentionally to get pregnant. just ask yourself, why cant i get married now? so then why should i have a baby? even if u do plan on marrying him in te future.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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