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      Ok so I’ve missed a period. I’ve taken the test, it was positive. What do I do now. I come from a strong Christian home and my parents don’t even know I’ve got a boyfriend let alone that I’ve had sex, so it would kill them. It’s killing me too, I can’t believe the mistakes I’ve made and I’m paying for it now. I can’t have the baby, and my boyfriend agrees, but it’s killing us both. I can only be 1-2 weeks but I feel so attached to my baby, I have to hold myself back from asking my boyfriend if he thinks it’s a boy or a girl, what he thinks it will look like. I just wish I had waited for the right time, but I know I have to get an abortion. It’s so hard I don’t know where to go or what to do 🙁 I’m nearly 18 but I feel about 10 now, so scared and alone. No one knows, except my boyfriend’s English teacher, who guessed, strangely enough. She said I can talk to her whenever I need to, which I guess will help, but I still feel so awful. Please someone help me 🙁


        Heyy Babe

        Im Going Through EXACTLY The Same Thing But Instead Im 15.

        I Cant handle an Abortion Because its been A Months and alredy im attached to it. I Hold my tummy and love it alreddy.
        I Have no idea what to do either.
        Iv read alot on different websites that MANY people who are young and had abortions
        ->> http://www.abortionconcern.org/stories/story023.php <-- Theres one story and people are like broken for life. https://standupgirl.com/web//index.php?option=com_myblog&show=after-IT.....html&Itemid=247 [[ If you havnt read it then read it should boost one side on your choice ]] Hope i helped.


          Please hun,:( whatever you do, do not get an abortion. They are so barbaric and cruel. Check out this site if you dont believe me.


          Every woman who’s had an abortion regrets it. And I mean, you say you come from a christian family, so im sure they would respect your decision to keep the baby instead of killing it right? Just take things one step at a time love. THhy will be mad at first but will soon get over it. I wish the best for you, keep us updated.
          -Enya <3


            OK first calm down and take a breather. Now you have options. and abortion is the easy way out! By doing that you are throwing away your “problem”. Which will only make you and everything worse. Secondly if your family is that christian they will agree that abortion is not the way to “fix” this. Being a mother can be done and it isn’t as hard as everyone thinks. You need to tell your family. And if you honestly can’t keep your child give it to a wonderful family that can. at least you aren’t killing your baby. adoption is always a better option than abortion. Honey be a stand up girl! I had my daughter right after I turned 16. She is now a blossoming little girl. To think if I would have DENIED her the right to live. Abortion will haunt you forever. It will eat at your soul, and kill you little by little just read the stories on here from girls that have gone through it. Your family will love you no matter what and telling them will make things alot easier even as scary as it seems now. If you need to talk I’m here.


              Hi hun, big hugs and welcome to SUG. I’m really glad you found this site.
              Having an AB is NOT the answer, trust me on that one. You will scar yourself emotionally for the rest of your life.
              I agree 100% with Kylie’s mommy, rather choose adoption if you have no other options.
              You can also try speaking to a school counselor or a therapist, it really helps tp get a fresh perspective and you’ll have someone close to home to talk to after you’ve made your decisions.

              I hope you’ll keep posting and update us on how you’re doing.
              Lots of prayers and positive thoughts coming your way,

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